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10 kinds of buildings are hired must not

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If you already took a fancy to the building that should lease, fasten first busy, before signing a contract, still get the qualification that checks lessor: Owe muching class of Xi simian king crab to entangle cleanse promotes ā of the sliding weight of a steelyard of Fei of  of  of Yin of ɑ of  raw meat or fish
Basis " urban house rents administrative measure " regulation: The house that every citizen, legal person or other organization have property to enjoying and national authorization management and national house all can serve as rental building.

10 kinds of buildings are hired must not

Each hack building has respective setting and requirement, not all building accords with rental condition, person of not all property right can rent oneself building, no matter be lessor or it is tenant can rent because of place or bear the legal concern that hire is not clear and get into trouble.

1 without be being checked and accept integratedly, newly-built house cannot be hired.

Some develops business or building everybody eager for quick success and instant benefit, even will without checking and accept a branch integratedly acceptable the building rents tenant, such doing is to violate national statute, 2 it is right bear hire square safety to cause menace.

The 2 buildings that do not have property right card cannot be hired.

The authority that property right card is a building belongs to certificate, without property right card cannot prove the law of the building concerns, do not have rented legal base thereby. Property right card is the first condition that establishs the relationship that rent.

The 3 buildings that do not have building certificate also cannot be hired.

Although property right card is to establish rented relationship the first important document, but it is not only important condition. Want to make the concern that rent reasonable and legitimate, lessor should manage house property certificate of concerned estate of all certificate and other deals with a building to rent certificate to estate management department, obtained the evidence that rent only, rental behavior ability is lawful, rental formalities gift is perfect.

4 without hiring a person formerly written agree, bear hire not do sth without authorization will be all building goes out in relet.

If did not obtain what hire a person formerly to agree, tenant goes out building relet under the counter, can pose legal issue, former tenant is met because of tort be rented formerly just sue, be fined.

5 belong to building of violate the rules and regulations to cannot be hired.

Some units or individual did not get compasses change a branch to approve, privately builds a house and rent, to this kind of building, not only program branch should fine his, make its by force deadline is demolished, and room canal branch because its undertake with the card that rent condemnatory without property right card.
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