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Is the country rental to individual housing what regulation is there?

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(1) public house is rented, lessor must hold " building droit card " set with urban people government
other proof file, tenant must the proof renting a house that government of people of city of hold building seat provides and body
Portion proof, (recommendation of legal person unit) . Demesne building lessor must hold " building droit card " , bear
Hire a person must hold identification.
(2) mechanism, organization, army and enterprise or business the unit does not get take on lease or covert hire city demesne building. Be like
Because of special need must when hire, must approve via government of people of prefectural class above.
(3) tenant is in rent period inside of the death, building that rent ask to accede to hire a concern formerly with living person in all
, lessor ought to continue to fulfil the original contract that rent.
(4) when mutual building is rental, below coequal condition, other and mutual person has preferential bear hire advantageous position.
(5) inside the deadline that rent, right person makes over building everybody building droit, the original agreement that rent continues to fulfill.