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Hire a room what kind ofly to buy room contract to disable

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The effectiveness of the contract, call the law of the contract effectiveness again, it is to show law gifts the contract that establishs lawfully has tie party each and even the force of the 3rd person. So, where is the sanction with what kind of jural to party or generation of the 3rd person ability?
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Party of     concludes the contract is the civil action with a kind of acceptability course, if the condition of regulation of be good law, it is action of a kind of civil law, in jural generation sanction. " civil code general rule " fiftieth 5 regulations: Civil law action ought to have following requirement:
  of     (one) behavior person has corresponding civil action capacity; (2) the meaning expresses true;
  of     (3) not lawbreaking or the society is communal interest. If accord with afore-mentioned conditions,ordering the conduct that sign a contract that is to say is civil law action, the contract is in jural produced a tie to concern party and the effectiveness of the 3rd person, do not produce legal effectiveness otherwise.
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    does not produce the contract of legal effectiveness to be invalid contract. Former " economic contract law " a few requirements that stipulated the contract is invalid the 7th times:
  of     (one) lawbreaking the contract with administrative regulations;
  of     (2) adopt con, threatening the contract that waits for method place to sign;
  of     (3) the contract that agent surmounts acting attributive to sign or the contract that with perhaps be the same as with oneself by procuratorial name the someone else that oneself act as agent signs;
  of     (4) disobey national interest or society the economic contract of public interest.
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After contract of economy of     is affirmed to disable, the property that according to the contract place acquires should return party to still give opposite party, the one party that has fault should recoup the loss that the other side suffers accordingly; If both sides has fault, assume corresponding responsibility severally. Apply since October 1, 1999 " contract law of People's Republic of China " the requirement that stipulates the contract is invalid is:
  of     (one) one party concludes with con, threatening method contract, harm national interest;
  of     (2) ill will is colluded with, harm country, collective or interest of the 3rd person;
  of     (3) conceal illegal destination with legal form; (4) damage a society public interest;
  of     (5) of lawbreaking, administrative regulations mandatory regulation.
The property that   acquires because of invalid contract place, ought to give return still; Cannot return return or return without the requirement return, ought to compensation of convert into money; The one party that has fault ought to recoup the loss that the other side gets accordingly, both sides has fault, ought to assume corresponding responsibility severally.
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