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These tricks that rent a house expose one by one

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Nowadays, company of the intermediary that rent a house opens more more. Receive intermediary fee to earn, many companies play had a game, among them trap has the following kinds:   
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False landlord of   ◆
Choose of company of intermediary of     is good a person will pretend to be landlord, or the wife that is oneself, or it is him child, or it is kin friend. If someone goes renting a house, intermediary company says after bumbling get through phone: I already agreed with the other side time sees a room together. Because somebody picks up the telephone, average client can believe. But, once you agree really,time sees a room, false landlord does not appear tardy. Make an appointment with 34, do not see a person namely. At this moment, the person of intermediary company said, this is the problem of landlord, not be the thing of our intermediary company, you get a room to expend or should give me. Next collection 50 yuan or the 100 yuan cost that get a house. To a few small companies, one day can be cheated a bit, salary of this day also was no problem.   
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Source of false room of   ◆
A house of friend of kin of make use of of     , take you to see a room. The house is to look, but landlord can use all sorts of methods, turn politely decline you are not hired. Perhaps raise price, or raise deposit, perhaps want your chummage one year to be handed in, hand in 2 years, or it is old hand in, the client is handed in do not have money, be forced to be retreated. According to the contract, at this moment the advisory service fee that intermediary company wants to receive your in part.   
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  ◆ is fooled frighten
House of client of     was valued, but intermediary company and landlord are colluded with, say a little while, public security often comes in the evening go around in the night, say this place is dead a little while outstanding; You if a person is hired, he can say, a person lives insecure; You if two people or it is a few people live, landlord can say, the person is much, too irritated. Anyway, a variety of methods, call you to be not hired. Finally, intermediary profit from others' conflict, the information of collection client is expended.   
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  common saying says, sincere letter is this. Resemble playing a game so, estimation company also cannot leave how long.