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Building relet and bear hire authority what to difference make over?

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Building relet and bear hire authority to make over, it is two kinds of typical pattern that the building concern that rent changes and are on the move, live to increase with what the room invests as the blame such as business shop, office building especially, its handle medium application in solid Wu general with each passing day also, but both no matter be to be on legal nature, still be in solid Wu operation, put in very big difference, investor must figure out beforehand.

Above all, from law the relation is formed in light of, building relet is to show tenant is in during renting, its bear the share that leases a building is total perhaps the behavior of re-lease, the lessor that serves as relet by tenant (common says " sublessor " ) with the 3rd person (namely the tenant of relet, common says " 3 landlord " ) sign relet contract. Form two so already each other independence, the contract of mutual embroil concerns, namely person of building property right (common says " big landlord " ) with sublessor hire a contract originally, and sublessor and the relet contract of 3 landlord, sublessor acted dual role accordingly, he should be fulfilled with the identity of tenant already with big landlord between hire a contract originally, should fulfill with the identity of lessor again with the relet contract between 3 landlord.

Bear hiring authority to make over is to show tenant is in during renting, the building bear hire authority to transfer the 3rd person, namely of sublessor and big landlord hire a contract to remove originally, sublessor quits the concern that rent from this, turn and by suffer let bear the 3rd person that hires advantageous position and big landlord build concern of new the contract that rent.

Next, from legal action effective premise condition looks, no matter sublessor is relet building, still make over a building bear hire advantageous position, what all need to obtain big landlord is written agree, but in written the expressional formally that agree differs somewhat. There are two kinds of forms commonly in relet, it is had agreed in hiring a contract originally sublessor is OK the clause of relet, 2 it is big landlord is hiring what issue separately besides the contract to agree with a book originally. And bear hire authority to make over contract one party is belonged to on legal nature (sublessor) what be the same as the right, obligation to closing is wraparound make over, won't agree in the go ahead of the rest in the contract normally, can obtain big landlord to issue separately only agree with a book.

The 3rd, from violate afore-mentioned premise requirements (namely sublessor is written without what obtain big landlord agree) in light of legal consequence, in relet, big landlord can remove directly with sublessor between hire a contract originally; And bear in hiring authority to make over, big landlord has authority declare sublessor only will bear the behavior that hires authority to transfer the 3rd person is invalid, but have no right to remove because of this between he and sublessor hire a contract originally.
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