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Buy Yangzhou secondhand the room notices divisional intent gold, deposit

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Current, intermediary of Yangzhou house property often asks consumer is in sign Yangzhou secondhand pay before house business contract " intent gold " , make clear on relevant receipt " intent gold turns automatically deposit " clause. Partial consumer takes this kind of clause seriously not quite, mistake is " intent gold " but unconditional withdrawal and pay easily.

Yangzhou disappear is protected appoint remind, buy Yangzhou secondhand before the room, consumer should know the news of concerned building to the estate management department of building seat. It is understanding building property right, whether does person selling a house have the person of building property right for independence, if be shared with someone else, must sign building business contract with all and mutual person. 2 it is the understanding building circumstance that rent, be like this building is rental already when buying, should rent a contract to continue to have sanction to buying a person. 3 it is to understand a building to whether get bounds welfare house to trade, the country makes over competence of the fixed number of year, person that buy a house to wait to welfare policy room have special provision.

Disappear is protected appoint concerned personage expresses, actually, "Intent gold " although be not had " deposit " property, but turn according to bilateral agreement for " deposit " hind, will applicable " assure law " concerned deposit is punished criterion regulation, customer ought to pay carefully.

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