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Buy Yangzhou secondhand room note

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Yangzhou city developed, the environment is more and more beautiful, what start line of business to Yangzhou buy home is much also, buy bridal chamber and secondhand the person of the room is much also, but how should buy Yangzhou secondhand room, citizen of a lot of Yangzhou is not clear, next interview talk about the problem that should note when buy:

One, to property right make an on-the-spot investigation (very important) .

Above all the authority attribute that the first pace must clear up a building is qualitative, always property right has issue, or it is partial property right (be like the public housing that buys with standard value) , share property right, property right is not clear, without property right, and the room that does not allow to trade, although the house is again appropriate,want careful consideration, lest clinch a deal hind do not take testimony of building property right, also can cause a lot of needless troubles at the same time.

1) when check treats property right disease, must examine original.

2) the color that should treat property right disease.

3) the authenticity that should inquire this property right to estate management department, the house-owner that property right card should notice to go up when inquiry whether with person selling a house it is same individual (trust another person whether to have carte blanche notarial deed) . Whether to have mutual person, mutual person is written agree to sell.

4) should notice to whether mortgage in order to set when inquiry. Still may have furtive mortgage additionally.

5) the public house that the room changes a room to be bought with standard value, should notice to whether had pressed cost price complemental charge, or former unit also has certain proportion property right.

6) although with the public house that cost price buys, former unit has possibly still preferential buy a right.

7) army produce, the courtyard is produced, school sell one's own things of the ability after yield public house must want former unit stamp.

8) the floor area that should clear up property right card to go up and actual floor area are consistent. The error is malcontent it is normal that 0.6 % are belonged to commonly. Can seek draw to measure sectional help.

9) the change the name of owner in a register of property right should deal with ability to calculate formalities of the change the name of owner in a register that finish through room canal bureau, want property right to pass door later this house just belongs to you truly, before this, bargainor at any time likelihood break one's promise.

10) of house money and property right have sex, do not believe the credit of the other side casually, make money first again change the name of owner in a register or, first change the name of owner in a register makes money again is a serious problem. Can consider to be in house money detain the 3rd person that a both sides has believed (if assure building of orgnaization, lawyer or superintend through intermediary company capital) , after waiting for change the name of owner in a register to finish, the 3rd person turns house money into the account of seller again.
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