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Mortgage secondhand the room is fallen into carefully " assure " trap

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The lawyer reminds: If the bank does not ask to offer,assure, intermediary collection assures service fee should belong to fraudulent action.

Xie Nv person is very depressed recently: She mortgaged loan to buy set secondhand room, when formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register, intermediary business says to need to assure the company assures and collection carries insurance cost. As a result of secondhand did not agree on house business agreement this charge, intermediary business also was not informed beforehand, xie Nv person thinks he fell into the trap that buy a house. The experience that thanks a lady is not accidental, the reporter interviewed discovery recently, offer secondhand in the bank that the room mortgages loan to serve, be not all banks to ask to offer assure, and business of house property intermediary wants basically however to assure to collection of the person that buy a house service fee.

The person that buy a house is confused:

Receive me by what " carry insurance cost " ?

After the Spring Festival, xie Nv person what in the road austral lotus laurel intermediary of a building took a fancy to a 30 much square metre is secondhand room, total prices more than yuan 220 thousand. According to the requirement of intermediary business, 6000 yuan of deposit were paid after Xie Nv person signs an agreement. Intermediary is in charge of dealing with relevant formalities, those who recieve her is the Yang Mou of this intermediary.

Cannot think of, when the time that Xie Nv person agrees by the agreement looks for business of house property intermediary to deal with formalities of property right change the name of owner in a register, yang Shui, because be loan,buy a house, must offer to the bank assure, already found assure company, xie Nv person should assume house total prices of 1.5% assure service fee. Xie Nv person feels bad, seek advice to the friend that provides sectional job in the room, if offer the bank of loan to need to offer,gotten answer is assure, just search assure company, and assure 1.5% service fee is loan amount.

If the view according to Yang Mou, xie Nv person ought to be assumed 3000 multivariate assure service fee; And the statement that provides sectional friend according to the room, need to assume only 1300 assure multivariately service fee. Side of demand of Xie Nv person sees assure the company negotiates a service to expend, refuse. Talk things over not if really, xie Nv person abandons buying a house, the requirement returns deposit. Business of intermediary of final house property removed 3000 yuan of deposit only. Xie Nv person thinks house property intermediary has fraudulent action.

  Reporter investigation:

"Carry insurance cost " collection is very optional

The basis thanks the building intermediary calling card that the lady offers, the reporter finds the way austral lotus laurel intermediary of this house property, is the inquiry dealt with whose connection when mortgaging loan, assures company belong to the same organization? The Ms. Deng introduction of this intermediary is intermediary helps connection. Should ask about deal with when when mortgaging, still needing to pay what fee Ms. Deng to emphasize, total cost is controlled 30 thousand yuan. And not long ago passes Chengdu company of an estate broker is bought in Wen Jiang secondhand Ms. Guo of the room, also assumed loan specified amount of 1% assure service fee. But she takes assure the official seal that what the service builds however on cost receipt is estate broker company, is not to assure the official seal of the company. Go seeking advice to loan bank, the bank says not to know the thing that loan assures, ms. Guo thinks this is intermediary company collects fees in disorder.
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