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Development business depreciates have " feline be bored with " the house can be

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 Method one: Concoct various pretexts receives fund

Occupy door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to investigate, many development depreciate business is big dozens " formula " sales promotion battle, the person that buy a house draws out money actually more however. Original, build cost in the water and electricity in building cost originally, be developed however Shang Qiaoli items is additional collection, this is to be in what many cities had made stop actually " natural gas installs cost " mutation and outspread. Additional, development business with " clothbound is repaired " and " establishment of perfect form a complete set " renown collection charge, and existence is tall collect fees. If light gas warning apparatus to install valence to be every 480 yuan, fix a price actually 550 yuan; Lampblack purifies machine installation price to be every 590 yuan, fix a price actually 650 yuan; Enter a door of guard against theft to install valence every 750 yuan, fix a price actually 1000 yuan.

Connect safe consciousness, also was regarded as by the businessman " a ready source of money " . Business of a few development and commodity promote trade together, dozens big " safe card " . Blow a few commodity on one hand fantastic, on the other hand wanton and exaggerated with the report, need that uses gas and safe safeguard, pass one's words with sensational announce lead owner dig down.

   Method 2: "Formula " sales promotion is con

The sales promotion that develops business is a kind of management behavior, if be suspected of,also will be punished false. Personnel of substation of city industrial and commercial directly under introduced con apparent feature, development business is so called sales promotion " formula " , actual it is to bind collect fees, the items that its open bill also is " package " . "Collect fees itself ought to reasonable and lawful " , of a few consumer complain " hit the nail on the head " . Be versed in business personnel investigation shows, of house of a few commodity equally shared the area is larger and larger, property collects fees more and more expensive, collect fees the project is increasing. Develop what business uses people to beg buy psychology, take customer " formula " odd group, thereby misdirect consumption.

Method 3: The contract that return a house is con

Want to return a house, can do not have so simple, the contract that buy a house also " con " . Be versed in business personnel hints, the person that buy a house is checked and accept, if encounter small issue of house property quality, can let develop business seasonable solder. But if appear the following 8 kinds of circumstances, the person that buy a house can put forward to return a house.

1. Actual measurement area and absolute value of error of contract agreement area exceed 3% .

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