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Why to plant place of the loan below the state buys commodity house to be able t

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In contract of the loan that buy a house, borrower points to the person that buy a house, usurer points to a bank. The commodity house that detain of place of the person that buy a house is in a bank, call pawn, the deposit that detain is in a bank, negotiable securities, call impawn thing. What everybody cares now is how to handle loan, so what does the responsibility of loan have? In other words, below what circumstance, does the commodity house that silver-colored guild mortgages the person that buy a house in the bank give deal with?
Borrower dies during reimbursement, after be missing or losing civil action ability, if do not have heir or get bequeath person, or its heir at law, get bequeath person repudiate loan contract, loan bank has authority according to to concern formulary punish pawn and simple thing. If punish pawn is mixed,the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of simple thing can't repay loan principal and interest, criterion usurer has authority to be recovered to debtor; If punish pawn is mixed,the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of simple thing repays more than of loan principal and interest, exceed a part to want to return guaranty person or qualitative person.
Borrower has one of the following state, usurer but according to concerned regulation, find out responsibility of breach of contract to borrower:
1 . Borrower does not remand on schedule of loan principal and interest;
2. Borrower provides fake document or data, already may can cause loan losing;
3. Agree without usurer, borrower tears open set hypothec or the belongings that impawn counterpoises or rights and interests change, sell, make over, donative or repeat pledge;
4. Borrower do sth without authorization changes loan use;
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5. Borrower refuses or obstruct usurer undertakes supervisory checking to loan use circumstance;
6. Borrower and other legal person or economic organization sign the contract of rights and interests of usurer having damage or agreement;
7. Guarantor is disobeyed assure a contract or lose assume joint liability ability, because pawn is marred accidentally can't principal and interest of pay off loan, simple thing decreases apparently, influence usurer achieves qualitative power, and borrower was not fulfilled by the requirement be protected newly or of new mortgage.