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The lump-sum payment that buy a house and instalment which good

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Estate business is an individual commonly capital specified number is employed in consuming behavior the biggest trade, no matter be home,still be abroad accordingly, buy commodity house to allow to be bought with the installment plan commonly. Can reduce the person that buy a house to pay the pressure of debt already so, make average income person buy a room to become a possibility, and also but active estate market, accelerate development construction of the residence. But because our country is in commodity house sale, the bank provides loan to buy room person (what say normally namely " mortgage " ) still do not have catholicity, because this our country buys a house actively,the concept of the instalment that buy a house with instalment and general international is returned somewhat difference, lump-sum payment is very general also.
Does   have after all in the lump-sum payment when home buys a house and instalment now so why be distinguished? Have He You power again severally?

  says lump-sum payment above all. What it points to is the building buys a person to be inside the time that the contract agrees, one-time paid and total room cost, the building betrays a person to transfer the ownership of the building at the same time. Operation of this kind of means is simpler, its biggest gain is, lump-sum payment is general and OK from the sale square over there the room cost that gets 2%-5% is controlled is favourable. Its are adverse the element depends on, this kind of payment to the general person that buy a house, raise money such cash, besides can besides loan of Xiang Qinpeng's good friend, if take deposit from the bank, often can cause the loss of accrual.

  is additional, to buying the person of period room for, lump-sum payment increases your risk that buy a house likely still, if develop business to did not make a room on schedule, even project " sodden end " (the project cannot finish consign to make because of the reason such as capital inadequacy B) , so you are possible loss more accrual, hit water to float entirely even.

  buys a house as to instalment, it is to point to the agreement of the person that buy a house according to business contract commonly, the mark inside the time with buy room person to be in proper second pay whole house cost. The characteristic of this kind of means depends on:

  1, instalment is more usually use when buying period house, this kind of circumstance also calls building period to pay. Buy room person consign head signs formal building business bond with development business when period money, when building consign is used, make money of house of all ready ministry, change the name of owner in a register of conduction property right.

  2, also have the case that buys instalment showing a house. The consign of the building and room money paid for something purchased or received for something sold pay not to undertake at the same time, building consign is advanced, out-of-pocket expense ends after.
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