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Sell public house unit defeats production employment to expend this to be assume

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Some unit sells the house that buys in Haidian area unit worker, warm oneself administration fee of cost, property be in charge of handing in by the unit all the time. This unit applied for policy sex to go bankrupt last year in July, after getting approving, already bought the worker some come off sentry duty of public house, some distributes other unit. After this, the property administration fee that has 30 workers and warm oneself cost nobody are in charge of handing in. The reason that resident does not pay property administration fee basically is: 1, housing is the room changes a room, not be pure commodity house; 2, the unit is affirmatory before the property administration fee that replaces a worker to hand in 4 years, this cost should be not handed in by resident. Because property management company is management sex enterprise, overhead expenses does not close, what affect administrative job directly is normal move, the village is communal the maintenance of environment, establishment, maintain also be affected. At the same time this kind defaults content
The behavior of administration fee of course of study, also enroach on the interest of the other resident that already paid property administration fee. How should be this kind of circumstance solved excuse me? Some property management center
Plant to this at present circumstance, relevant room is in charge of a branch to had not published specific document, so can basis already the concerned regulation of some law, code and Beijing government will be analysed correctly and be handled.

The regulation of 196 documents that issue according to Beijing people government, after the unit sells public house, always the property inside limits of this file regulation collects fees project, bear the property cost that should bear by person of building property right by unit of carry out house. According to this regulation, after the unit is selling public house, assuming corresponding property to expend did not disagree. After because some kind of reason is brought about,go bankrupt in unit of carry out house or closing down, hand in property to expend the central issue that became resident and property company stick to one's position by who. Make clear above all a bit, service of property company proffer line of business is paid, because property company itself is management sex unit, not be orgnaization of governmental material benefits, that is to say property fee should be paid for certain, but should hand in by who, be about to treat specific condition. Can divide for 3 kinds of circumstances:

The first, unit of carry out house by suspend payment, by its superior is in charge of an unit or other bear the unit will bear all general affairs of this unit. So the principle that integrates according to the right and compulsory phase, bear the unit is assumed not only go bankrupt the right of the unit, also want to assume its obligation, and go bankrupt the unit hands in property cost to belong to one of its obligation to unit worker, bear the unit must not come with any reason evade, also cannot change otherwise to reduce the liability of oneself, ask him worker hands in property to expend first for example, give according to circumstance take into consideration the circumstances next submit an expense account, this kind of means is to disobey what 196 files spirit sets Beijing government. If appear this kind of circumstance, go bankrupt unit worker can be complained to concerned government sector solve. Cost of property of this kind of circumstance is need not resident will assume, if appear,push pull a phenomenon, property company but lawfully to bear the unit asks for property cost. And those and former unit are one-time the worker that buy outright, former unit replaces those who pay property fee without acceptance again, cannot to bear unit requirement pays property fee for its.
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