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Consume caution: Period room buys 4 big " key "

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Club member Mr Liu spent the money earned by hard toil of lifetime scrape up to buy house of a commodity, when buying, development business becomes him sacred, the warmth like spring is treated fervently like summer, so considerate that within an inch of wants to draw out the heart. After he paid a money a few times, suddenly discovers the contract buying a house of an autograph has a problem, the house is not ideal also, ask to return a house. At this moment, the attitude that develops business comes 180 degrees of change, sweep callosity of the cruelty like deciduous leaf like autumn wind, and speak plausibly and at length, "You see the room, you sign the agreement, you seek beak a contract, penalty is you are due " . Come down a few times, fine finish finally with break one's promise.

Such dispute in buying a house are very much, what be in an unfavorable situation finally often is the person that buy a house. For this, many consumer fear sortie estate market, concern is deceived, beautiful money is bought " trap " . So, put in what in buying a room to trade " key " , how to try to identify again?

1, credulous acceptance takes hidden trouble

The ancients cloud: "House surely choose adjacent, hand in choose friends surely " . The choice of the respect such as state of facilities of the environment that modern pays attention to pair of property periphery more when buying a house, humanitarian quality, service, public security. Among them, the environment is Lou Panyong constant sell a site. Then, many development business buildings dish did not rise, public opinion go ahead of the rest, advertisement is not " green " not character, what " village of residence of green home, sunshine, garden " blow on the face and come. So old ad publicizes a picture, apply colours to a drawing gets green grass luxuriant, flower contends for beautiful, dress up particularly elegant, often be to sell at a discount greatly in reality, of conduct propaganda is a concept merely. A price that a lot of estate advertisement hit give a person a kind of extremely low impression, with temptation, incite Yun of  of Jia of the Huaihe River of Zi of consumer drought  Bao of Sun of provide for glucoside swings Gui of a man's cap used in ancient times of colourful head Li to make fun of  brandish Mu Shu of  of overstep one's authority of Ai of Yu of distant of word of Xin Ke correct; Is instrument of A Chinese-style unlined garment silkworm of turn up soil of graph of Wan of Guang of  of  of Jia of M of Gang of king crab of Hui of the Huaihe River washing with watercolors to whiz Yin of Shan of Qiao of beat up of Lou of bulbul of Ji of nose  of thirsty of bold of  of  of Fu of R of hairpin goosefoot float believes  of cease of throat of agent of  of  of annulus of Bao of disease of Mie of archives of the Long that carry  ? Nbsp;

2, the contract is signed should lawful

Of building business contract signing is conditional, content and form all are gotten lawful, it is illegimate otherwise or invalid agreement. Carry out room person must have building droit or land access, have no right to make work otherwise room; The contract had better introduce standard text version, by " demonstrative text of contract of commodity house purchase and sale " sign. Be worth what carry is, break the law or violate the rules and regulations, property right has dispute, country to already decided commandeer or the building that tear open change and all religion building and the cultural relic place of historic interest that get governmental protection to wait, must not form business contract. Additional, party of building buyers and sellers must have complete behavior capacity, the person that does not have civil action competence and minor must not sign business contract. Of course, of the contract sign must be on freewill, equal, true foundation undertake, any one party are not gotten with coax, con and even threatening wait for method autograph to make an appointment with. For careful for the purpose of, when the contract is signed, had better ask lawyer or connoisseur to take the place of from legal angle you examine a contract, prevent rise to a bait, in order to reduce needless loss.  
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