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If house price falls 40 % Beijing will appear to offer tide

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House property of the investment before this ever earned more than yuan of 20; to analyse a personage to say house price falls the 4 Beijing after becoming will show large-scale break for late on July 28, 2008, beijing, road of ovine mill store 3 courtyards, weather is sultry. Successive already the Lin Sheng that 2 months did not return a room to offer (alias) ambulating back and forth in the room.

Still be less than Lin Sheng of 40 years old, be like recently abrupt old 67 years old. Last year in November, lin Sheng is one-time purchase two flatlet to produce through loan, cease because of adding accumulate reason of the demote below effect and house price, lin Sheng already did not have reimbursement two months, on August 1, it is a main bank to him. Press a bank to set, or else reimbursement, the bank will undertake to its law sues a requirement compulsive reimbursement.

"Break for coming loose door " : Investment house property ever tasted benefit

Investment house property, lin Shengceng earns greatly.

On November 22, 2005, those who establish water bridge is located in by park of forest of sunny area country tomorrow the first a tower over a city gate dish open quotation, have price 4699 yuan / smooth rice, lin Sheng takes 100 thousand yuan, head pay 20% bought 100 Duopingmi's houses, arrived in June 2006, of the house all valence develops 6900 yuan / smooth rice, only time of half an year, every average Lin Sheng's house rice went up 2201 yuan, after the house moves, lin Sheng is small earn 220 thousand yuan.

The Lin Sheng of savor benefit increased the strength that fry a room last year, be in Beijing none hesitantly in November 2007 east 4 annulus bought two houses. At that time, be Beijing house price rises the fastest when. Ever appeared in ZhongGuanCun area price of house of a week rises a 3000 yuan case, house price is higher, the person that buy a house is more. Lin Sheng took out all savings to buy two at a heat at that time, one is 80 of Duopingmi reside greatly, one is 120 two house of Duopingmi, the price is 18000 yuan / smooth rice, the total prices of two houses 3.6 million yuan, loan buys a house.

Ranglinsheng thinks those who be less than is, this year after the Spring Festival, the building city of Beijing enters phase of cold and cheerless slowly, the price also falls. The newest statistic data of Beijing statistic bureau shows: According to statistic, began Feburary from this year, beijing residence is sold all valence is ordinal it is 13036 yuan / smooth rice, 13090 yuan / smooth rice, 13488 yuan / smooth rice reachs 13222 yuan / smooth rice. Appeared first May since this year all the situation that price falls, annulus is compared in April all price falls 266 yuan / smooth rice, fall achieve 2% .

The building that Lin Sheng buys dish in depreciate escape by sheer luck of the Yiwei in tide. July 2008, this building dish roll out again new dish when, 13000 yuan / the price since smooth rice, press price of newest open quotation, lin Sheng 2 houses total prices is 2.6 million yuan, compare with the photograph before half an year is much, market prise shrink 1 million yuan.
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