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Innovation of hire of office building of Guangzhou first class is tall

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Davis of the first peace and tranquility is newest give heat " market of house property of the 2nd quarter reported 2008 " show, at present lunar hire amounts to office building of Guangzhou first class 141 yuan / square metre, relatively rise first quarter 0.9% ; Service type boarding house is average lunar hire 174.1 yuan / square metre, annulus compares microlitre 0.4% .

History of hire of first class office building is highest

The report shows, property of office of near future high end is chased after by the market hold in both hands, induct a quantity to achieve 35 thousand square metre. With Pearl River new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) first class office building is exemple, average rent rises considerably in the 2nd quarter 8.7% , achieve 173.3 yuan / square metre, achieved the history thereby new tall. What compare Pearl River new city is good go situation, two capital floors center He Yuexiu of north of the Milky way area is shown a bit inferior, average month hire is 140.3 yuan respectively / square metre mixes 120.4 yuan / square metre, annulus score does not drop 1.2% , 1.5% . Empty buy leads a field, rate of overall sky buy is office building of first class of Guangzhou of the 2nd quarter 22.6% , annulus comparing dropped 2.1 percent.

High-end client pushs tall apartment to hire valence

According to report content, apartment of type of service of Guangzhou of the 2nd quarter all did not suffer price of average house market to reduce an effect with the villatic market that rent, hire level whole rises. Serve type apartment among them average month hire relatively on quarterly microlitre 0.4% , achieved 174.1 yuan / square metre / month. It is reported, the near future serves apartment to continue to be welcomed by high-end client into the international brand of city, this is the main reason that hire continues to maintain growth. The reporter understands, near future of big public house of lira of Guangzhou sweet case rolls out 26 one room to come the service apartment of two rooms, this is first relevant product among whole area market is supplied.

Lease a product popularly as to the near future luxurious villa, its are average lunar hire relatively on the quarter rose 2.0% , achieve 136.3 yuan / square metre, rate of market empty place falls to 17% . The report says, villa of Guangzhou high end hires the condition that the market will still demand exceeds supply since continuance near future, predict rate of empty place of market of second half of the year will maintain inferior level 2008, its hire level will continue to promote steadily.

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