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Safeguard sex housing is finite to influence of Shenyang building city

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Shenyang city today bright the safeguard sex housing that will build 4.15 million square metre two years, among them cheap rents a house 300 thousand square metre, economy is applicable room 3.85 million square metre. Somebody fears this meeting pounds commodity house market, we think, this kind of concern was not necessary, safeguard sex housing is finite to the influence of city of Shenyang a tower over a city gate.

Ensure the supplies object and commodity house consumption object of sexual housing not to overlap above all, ensuring sexual housing basically is the difficulty of low income housing that is aimed at a city family, these people are not the consumptive object of commodity house. The 2nd, safeguard sex housing enclothes a face to be under critical line, the dweller range that safeguard system covers is less than 20% , far under " a thirty-seventy ratio " critical line. The 3rd, the construction financing source that ensures sexual housing and commodity house is different, the construction financing that ensures sexual housing basically relies on investment of various place finance, and the own reserves that the development construction of commodity house basically relies on to the bank borrows money and develop a business. The 4th, safeguard sex housing uses ground scale not tall, the proportion that guarantees sexual housing place to take land of governmental sell one's own things with land is not high, because this is right impact of local finance income is not big. The 5th, safeguard sex housing won't enter the market, press a regulation, safeguard sex housing must not appear on the market inside 5 years.

From look on the whole, mode of the target group that guarantees sexual housing construction, construction, financing raises channel and sale means, become a system oneself, did not form a butt joint with commodity house market, because this produces big effect very hard.

Xu Fengchen of assistant director of institute of estate of city of vice-chairman of seminar of development of estate of city of author department Shenyang, Shenyang