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Business shop market is sold still hire of exuberant Chengdu office building con

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2 quarters, company of estate of American Wo Tefei machinist, Aimosheng, be able to bear or endure the enterprise such as the gram is entered in succession be stationed in Chengdu office building of each famous first class, commercial company holds gold trader to encircle in succession... 11 days, dai Deliang of advisory company of world famous estate releases Chengdu estate all right 2 quarterly reports show, business spreads the market to show vigorous sale state.

2 quarters, hire of office building of Chengdu first class continues bullish, average month hire is 116.22 yuan / square metre, relatively on the quarter grows 2.9% . Add the client that rent newly to basically come from industry of real estate, banking, service line of business and manufacturing industry. Investing market respect, force treasure edifice and country sale of high quality property maintains the Chengdu such as boat century center stable, among them force treasure edifice all valence is 18000 yuan / square metre, what report gives pair of markets is good anticipate.

Additional, the demand performance that industry of large and retail chain spreads to business is more outstanding. First quarter, beautiful, Su Ning is in the country severally group of trade of distance of saline city mouth, Chun Xi pitchs a camp; Business area unites actor Ma to be in especially for the Chengdu of 9000 square metre practice of square of collect float of fierce Hou area; Be located in Chengdu beauty beautiful power the Gucci Chengdu of sincere general merchandise is special inn enlarge inn, introduced men's clothing product first.

The government is major commercial project in succession start working, on May 30, city of Chengdu international trade is formal start working, this project total investment achieves 8 billion yuan, predict to business will be had to spread more than 15 thousand after building; The shop front v/arc sale at reduced prices with better condition of the position inside a few high-grade community is sold; Partial development business with lump-sum payment privilege, mortgage pay the favourable measure such as privilege is attracted in small investor is bought. These elements, drove the investment heat that business spreads. According to statistic, business extends sale price basic with on the quarter keeps balance.

Dai Deliang expresses all right, invest the addition of pressure as the residence, residential investor changes the look to business to extend the market in succession. Of the stock market low fan also let many capital exit, change investment to community business shop, community business spreads prospective sale status to continue value.

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