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Guangzhou has not arrived need " help city " when

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Guangzhou has not arrived need " help city " when need to prevent financial venture

Building city lasts low fan, price quantity drops together to already was become at present the true portraiture of building city. Many places lifted a wave " save city to talk " . Many experts and estate business expressed a few days ago, guangzhou still does not have need " help city " degree, but need to be on guard further financial venture.

"Help city " wind sweeps across the whole nation

Recently, have media coverage, courtyard of beautiful congress ginseng approves all specified number the plan helping city of 300 billion dollar, the person that buy a house in order to help what months of tens of 10 thousand financial insolvency offer retains house property, answer severe estate depression. The Shenzhen room city that by Shenzhen land resource and building management board release one reports, also change importunate is severe former days adjusting control manner, sigh first beg " help city " . The report thinks, the house price since last year is adjusted is the correction that before be opposite two years superheating develops, its purpose is to make the market is returned to to rational course, but the abidance that is based on city of building of at present Shenzhen ebbs, the report thinks to should publish a few measure that help city.

These are not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, according to the report, near future of central decision-making layer is organizing pair of real-estate industries to undertake comprehensive survey, the result of survey or will serve as " whether to help city " final basis.

Guangzhou does not need to help city

And whether does Guangzhou building city also want " save " ? Place produces Huang Tao of project general manager to express in, the government does not need to help city. "Because at present Guangzhou attributes normal position. Clinch a deal the fall of the quantity has not reached level of a low-down, it is to clinch a deal not only quantity, and unit price also was not achieved low to need " save " level " . He expresses further, the wave motion of floor price has certain law, 2003 is appraise of lowest of Guangzhou floor price when, although present market glided a bit, but the price returns far outclass the price 2003.

Although of floor price glide catenary of capital of business of hair of get out of the way got test, but the view that many development business also deny Guangzhou needs to help city. Yue Xiucheng builds group controller to think, the government should not help city, should give him market is solved. "In development, market hard to avoid can produce labor pains, but this is to need the phase of classics, the government should not intervene, painful make him painful go. " a development business that is not willing to disclose a full name shows, the market has the development law of its oneself, if the government forces blindly interference, what to adopt to help the move of city, can be just the opposite to what one wished.
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