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Market of office building of Shenzhen of 2008 second half of the year forecasts

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2008 first half of the year, in building city fluctuant big environment falls, market of Shenzhen office building continues to maintain the momentum that rises on the whole however, powerful market demand is reached in the area putting an amount that digests empty buy ceaselessly add newly while office is supplied, the abidance that also propped up hire rises, the market appears the trend that a series of change develop subsequently. Predict to enter second half of the year, office building market is below the influence of action of supply and demand and atmosphere of building city whole, will present a the following trend:
High quality property puts in the market in succession, stimulate hire to go up smoothly raise.

Although the whole world and domestic money market get the effect of not stable element is short-term inside eliminate hard, but Chinese economy is overall the steady growth to good posture and this locality economy will continue to drive the enterprise such as finance, content shedding, new and high technology to be in Shenzhen augment its business, bring powerful demand for property market. And the visible supply Yi Ke with office long-term market calls giant, but as a result of project of square of the boat in including, restful IFC, wall street inside general quantity is supplied will be after 2010 concentration enters town, predict 2009 the office building of Shenzhen first class will keep smooth before and lasts supply in year, square of Rong Chao center, outstanding times (examine a map) 2 period, hopeful of large building of the force in harbor enters town in succession at around of the end of the year. In driving demand prop up below, the supply of high quality property continues exciting hire level to go up smoothly raise, meanwhile, because property pledges element puts the difference that be in, the trend that hire level splits up also more will apparent: Half an year of one as above fine in those who build square, the Milky Way to develop central hire is ceaseless go up raise, the high-end property hire of area of core of second half of the year still will continue to get run the market, chief commander of predicting course of study continues to promote hire to explore of the client bear upper limit, hire level also will be broken through further; On the other hand, common first class office building gets oneself quality restrict reach sequel to supply bigger impact, the space that its hire rises is limited, predict to will keep gently inside year the condition that rise.

Client industry become divided is remarkable, area of blessing tanaka heart forms the structure that gives priority to with financial industry stage by stage.

Come from 2006, the rapid development of the industry of ceaseless and open, banking that accompanying domestic money market, finance kind the enterprise quickens the pace in Chinese dilate, its are active with each passing day also in the expression of the market of high-end office building that rent. Stem from pair of areas, the high demand of property quality, and enterprise oneself is stronger bear hire ability, the area of blessing tanaka heart that perfects ceaselessly makes the fundamental choice that large finance orgnaization garrisons Shenzhen. Meanwhile, sound program of the government and guide expand what also will promote industry of banking of area of blessing tanaka heart greatly quickly -- ended 2008 at present, 8 office that are located in area of blessing tanaka heart use ground success sell one's own things, among them limitation of 6 settings industry is final by finance kind the enterprise is cast, after predicting to build city, will consolidate further the position of area of central business affairs of area of blessing tanaka heart, form the structure that gives priority to with financial industry, ensure the character that property builds then.
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