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Beijing building city " hind Olympic Games prices " impeach

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National hair changes appoint 70 when announced a few days ago big in case of urban house price shows, house price annulus compared Beijing in June rise 0.1% , go up come for nearly two years many the smallest. To this, the personage inside a few course of study thinks price of house of near future Beijing is maintained probably ankylose condition, but view of the city after they are right is differ.

Rise lack of power

National hair changes appoint the data that publish shows, beijing house price rose compared to the same period in June 11.2% , annulus comparing rises 0.1% , build annulus of house price index to compare growth among them 0.1% , secondhand housing price and on the month keeps balance.

Occupy the data that the personage inside course of study provides additionally, clinching a deal quantity respect, 2 quarters of Beijing building city appear partial get warm again after a cold spell, but whole still maintains inferior level. First half of the year, beijing building city clinchs a deal the quantity glides 3 into above.

From concrete floor dish in light of, beijing building city still appears go up drop the pattern that each other shows. Many buildings dish face sale pressure, adopt low open quotation and make the instrument that loses sales promotion, but a large number of buildings dish the price still is maintained in perch.

"Catenary home is landed " Jin Yosong of vise general manager thinks, since this year, beijing house price rises put delay somewhat, but house price did not appear to become loose apparently, wait-and-see situation continues probably to Olympic Games end, at present buyers and sellers not apt is passed raise price considerably or depreciate will facilitate trade.

As similar as the city such as Shanghai, Wuhan, beijing retreats room phenomenon to increase somewhat since this year, especially 2 quarters take the new project that opens to booking licence, partial building dish the rate that return a house is near 10% . Except development business " cover dish " , room of the 2nd flatlet shifts policy outside the reason such as the influence, the person that buy a house is right of house price be issued to lower levels be anxious is the main reason that returns a house. According to divulging, beijing is secondhand the rate returning a house with latter room also promotes somewhat, but do not exceed 5% .

"Hind Olympic Games " is there prices?

According to the situation that the reporter understands from orgnaization of intermediary of a few buildings, beijing is secondhand first half of the year room value is overall and basic be in backwater condition. Building city appears before the Olympic Games the possibility of a favourable turn is not large, but the personage inside many course of study expresses confidence to city of the building after the Olympic Games.
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