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Part of the international gold selling hardcover office building

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Gold International is located in the heart of Zhonggu ancun West, occupies an area of 5,600 square meters, total construction area of about 58,000 square meters, 13 floors on the ground, underground 4 floors, the overall architecture of intelligent office by the curved twin towers composed of layers and business , Is the rule of Real Estate Group in Beijing following the "International Center Xidan," "First City Center", "Saussurea Building," "You Music Department," and so after a cordial to the 5A grade A office space project. West Zhongguancun is a high-grade office buildings, hotels, large corporate headquarters, commercial support for the integration of the three-dimensional multi-functional core business areas; Western dimensional transportation network for future planning and support of all world-class business district Needs. The core of Zhongguancun West International ranked gold, transport facilities, multidimensional transportation network developed to meet the high-end business needs. Airport 25 km from the capital, the North Fourth Ring direct switch Airport Express, the world's sight; public Well-developed public transport, close to Metro Line 4, Line 10, surrounded by more than 40 bus lines. Multidimensional developed transport network, is to lay the core foundation of business situation. Overall planning and design of the project by the German O'Brien international architectural design firm in Miami - the famous modernist architect, Mr. Tung Shih featuring Scott Crawford, who emphasized in the construction of the building design. Curved twin towers The building exterior, reflects the architect of the arc, architecture, life, dialectic thinking, so that everyone found the park's other side - the side full of creativity and vitality. Its unique arc-shaped twin towers and KPF Masterpiece "Steel Building" and echoed the Zhongguancun Plaza, identified as another building in Zhongguancun. Payments and international use of the world's most advanced double-dynamic energy-saving glass curtain wall, truly ecological, energy saving, environmental protection, use of this technology in Beijing one of the few buildings; 360 degree flat fan-shaped light barrier-free, with Combined column-free design, construct no barrier, open, transparent Smart space. Another light in the court of public space, tourist units, ground floor entrance ramp accessible design and other details, highlight the quality of projects and people The spirit. President of administration for building the top layer of the establishment, the absolute height of 50 meters, the height of 4.1 meters, more specially designed top-level view corridor and electronic curtain; 3,000 square meters wide scale, can be separated freely, to business leaders to provide more Case of high-end multi-service private. 5A intelligent international gold standard and the hardware facilities of international quality, for enterprises to build a world-class office carrier. To the scarcity of gold and international status, unique look, people design, perfect and in ensuring the rule of the strength of the brand, established the "China Silicon Valley corporate headquarters in this building world-class" status, the achievements made Attention of the business world landmark.