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Forecast next year World states will continue up the Hong Kong office rental

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According to Wen Wei Po in Hong Kong news, the Asian economic growth to global economic development, the Jinbi the Hong Kong Government recently introduced a series of measures to combat speculators, however, a report published by CB Richard Ellis, said many companies continue to expand their business in Hong Kong, coupled with good economic fundamentals of Hong Kong , supply low and under the low interest rate on the strong demand for luxury residential and office space, expected next year, small and medium sized residential price up 5% to 10%, luxury prices rose 10% to 15%, luxury rentals rose 25% expected, office rents material prices rose 20.5%, Central office rents rose 24% expected price, price is expected to see 3 million, rent or see 200. Yu Kam Hung, Senior Managing Director of CB Richard Ellis in Greater China that Hong Kong interest rates low prices, low interest costs as the biggest support for dynamic property market, coupled with economic and property market fundamentals did not change, the expected performance of next year, residential prices in Hong Kong generally stable, is expected to have 5-10% increase, while luxury prices have 10-15% growth. Yu Kam Hung small residential compound 5-10% rise Yu Kam Hung said the government has introduced anti-speculation measures, he believed, being the property market will become more rational, turnover will decline about 30% to 40%, but no changes in economic factors, as long as interest rates have not substantially increased, F. prices continue to be supported, subject to the linked exchange rate of Hong Kong Moreover, the expected short-term interest rates remained low, while some domestic investors have seen recently moved to the office market. He believed that the Government has not substantially increase the housing supply, the Government proposed to provide 2 million a year supply of partners should also be in 3 to 4 years after the implementation of sound economic fundamentals in Hong Kong and continued low interest rates under the small house next year Prices will continue to rise 5-10%. The bank also pointed out that the leasing by the end of the market started back up last year and this year we see substantial growth, luxury vacancy rate of 3.1% in September last year low in September this year and further down to the 1.9%,  to rent are also from the increased by 12% to the end of each  44 million, the bank is expected next year, there will be 25% of the luxury rental increases. Price of luxury properties, the first 9 months cumulative increase of 16% per  21,588 yuan. As U.S. markets look forward to the implementation of QE3, funds will continue to spread, so that asset bubbles have the opportunity to deteriorate, the bank believes that the formation of asset bubbles is from liabilities, while the Mainland and Hong Kong, the nature of the property market is different from Europe and the United States. CB Richard Ellis executive director of the Department of Building Services de Ru Chien said that this year the Central Business District in Q3 amounted to absorb 11 million, the vacancy rate fell to 3% in the quarter, rents rose 10.9% to 105 yuan each. The bank is expected, office rents and prices will continue upward in the next year, it is estimated the Central region and the main office of the rent gap in non-core areas, will be further widened. Central commercial price of materials, see 30000 He pointed out that this year there were 12 office buildings changed hands, of which 60% of the buyers for the local investors, of which 40% of old family, including some manufacturers make money on the Mainland to Hong Kong after hedge buy commercial rent collection, and another 25% of the buyers as property funds, 15% of the Mainland investors. Executive Director of CB Richard Ellis Investment Properties Zhongde Yao expects office rentals in Hong Kong next year as a whole will have a 20.5% growth, including the Central Region due to less supply, an increase of more outperformed the market, an increase of 24% expected; office prices, the overall 23% growth, and commercial buildings in the Central District, with 24% rise in the price of commercial buildings in Central next year is expected to see 3 million, rent or see 200.