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Pan Shiyi: There will be office space and commercial real estate for the intr

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June 30, reporters learn that Pan Shiyi, SOHO Galaxy's opening three days to sell 4.675 billion yuan. In this regard, said Pan Shiyi, the project owner, indicating that investors confidence in Beijing's economic development, commercial real estate there is still much room for development. According to reports, as of June 27 Galaxy SOHO 2.77 billion transactions, the first involving only 15 big customers, who have a wealth of real estate investment experience, promising real estate projects in the core area of cities. The sale of the sections from the 26% of customers a one-time payment, mortgage loans to customers in more than 50% down payment. "The major urban housing markets are in a stalemate, 一手房 and second-hand housing turnover are very low, because the cause of the wait and see policy control." Pan Shiyi that break the impasse, or policy, the introduction of the policy should be put in place as soon as possible "Do not hung, as 'second only to boot'." Pan said that a few months and look at commercial real estate transactions were not affected, because the policy is very clear, there will be no future for office space and commercial real estate regulatory policies. In addition, said Pan Shiyi, SOHO China sales target this year is 180 billion, and the company is confident to complete the task.