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Commercial real estate market continues to heat up Beijing

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The deepening of macro-control in its direct influence, "Silver Ten" is not scheduled arrival, seems to presage the housing market into the downstream channel. On the other hand, in the "Sales Order," the catalyst, a large number of investment funds to exit from the residential market, founding the commercial real estate to find a hedge, bringing the hot commercial real estate development situation, which highlight the advantages of the city complex investment funds are particularly popular. This reporter learned that a typical synthesis of recent projects such as Beijing Galaxy SOHO, Shimao work three (Forum News) and so frequently to achieve a large single transaction, another city of gold trade center complex project (Forum News) has not yet officially on the market has attracted the attention of many high-end enterprise, the project area of 5,000 square meters of independent commercial buildings, recently has been 265 years old Vang Pao and the Group as a whole to buy Shanghai, for food and beverage operations. Investment or commercial property into a large number According to Beijing Real Estate Transaction Management Network data show that in early October, only the turnover of 2060 Beijing commercial housing units, the chain fell 36% in early September, zero-turnover items abound, while the second-hand housing market transactions fell 63.4% more rapidly. According to the industry is expected, 11 months and 12 months of the residential market will continue to decline. In sharp contrast with the housing market was in the business investment continues to heat up. Monitoring center of a web site statistics show that in September both in Beijing commercial project on the volume and transaction prices are substantially higher chain, in which pre-sale office and the total transaction price in the trading volume on the ring up more than 100%. And 10 months early, Beijing, commercial real estate market, rental prices continue to increase active project, the maximum rose to 35.32%. Xizhimen regional office market in terms of quality, with the Western Central Plaza, in the Kun House, the subject of international centers, Huayuan Enterprise, Maples International projects such as the formation of the maturing of the business group, rental situation in the region picked up pace, the demand increase, the rent rose significantly, the vacancy rate continued to drop. Strong contrast between residential and commercial real estate behind the market prospects are both chess. On the residential market, the restriction that is caused by the housing market has shrunk dramatically in the first place. On the other hand, three consecutive quarters of commercial real estate has continued to heat up, a study by DTZ report predicts the fourth quarter there will be a lot of money into the commercial market, thus promoting the commercial real estate values continue to rise. "This market is expected to result in the housing market in contrast to a lot of investment is withdrawn in favor of commercial real estate, and commercial real estate has also become the context of inflation, a safe haven for the best funds." Industry insiders believe. Complex or into the mainstream of commercial real estate Relative to the norm of housing investment, office investment especially investment in the office complex has been wandering on the edge, with the office market to pick up, Vanke Group, the Korea Housing construction and real estate prices started to increase investment in commercial projects, complex offices more frequently into the investor's perspective, their investment potential to be valued. Currently, the gold trade center, Tuen Three Mile (Forum News), Galaxy SOHO office and other complex projects and both are favored by investors, then the investment office complex can develop into the mainstream of investment direction? "From the urban development trend, there is a possibility." In The League Secretary General Chen Yunfeng that complex urban development is the inevitable trend to a certain stage, it is usually accompanied by shortage of land and the emergence of urban functions is to maximize choice. Declining urban land use in Beijing in the context of complex will be more and more frequently appear Accordingly, the proportion of its investment will rise. In addition, from the demand point of view, the international trend in the business, the business needs of the versatility of office space are becoming increasingly urgent, complex office Format aggregate to the diversification of business development and integration of urban life, this is the modern Business people really need, but also gold trade center complex office project has been approved by the macro factors. In this demand pushed the market lower, complex commercial real estate office is likely to be an important component of investment. It is understood that the typical Beijing gold trade center complex project the overall capacity of 20 million square meters, of which an office has been signed with a major listed company sold the whole intention of the other office buildings also accepted Financial Street "replacement program" in a large number of relocation of the high-end industry. Why so favored office complex? The industry believes that the office market in addition to benefiting the environment, but more important is the value of growth "both inside and outside," the focus of an investment chase. First, from the internal point of view, complex is composed of multi-format loop business system, its internal office, residential and commercial itself to form a mutually complementary relationship, and even entire regions for the project to bring more strong popularity, and thus its a good foundation for increased value. The office environment and a great fit for high-end business needs, while high-end properties that form aggregates, but also greatly enhance the competitiveness of the project office. In addition, from the external environment, the absolute dominance is the prime locations synthesis of the important business reasons for the rapid take the heat. Since the cohesion complex is where the business district, so often occupy the core areas, such as gold trade center project is the Financial Street business district and east of the sea after the recreation area, south of the Central Administrative District, north and is well-known universities in Zhongguancun area, the Beijing, which increased the value of the lot sufficient to become an important guarantee for the project.