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Indoor Environment Test Center in Taiyuan City real estate

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Following the meeting in Copenhagen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, developing low-carbon economy has become the world's hot spots, all industries are involved in exploring more energy consumption, the development of more low-carbon breakthrough. 2008 proposed the implementation of the green city in transition, around the building of new industrial  base and the overall objective characteristics and cultural cities, innovation, green main line, to promote green homes in our city, the direction of harmonious development of livable. As the home of real estate industry is no exception, "low-carbon life" highly respected in the home sector, at the same time, carbon is gradually being renovated attention, "Green Home" should be consistent with "standard character" - Health , pleasant, natural affinity. From the selection away from the noise, the air is fresh and sunny, a beautiful living environment, to the use of environmentally friendly coatings, healthcare tiles, decorated with flowers and green grass family, and create a green small environment, all being accommodated in this character.
Indoor Environment Test Center in Taiyuan City Real Estate, established in July 2002, under the housing safety testing center in Taiyuan, the function is specialized in indoor environmental pollution detection work, the center using the advanced detection equipment, hiring professionals for the community for office, residential, office space and indoor environmental testing for real estate developers, interior decoration companies, construction materials and indoor environmental control manufacturers provide indoor environment testing counseling and testing services. Test center in December 2005 joined the China Indoor Decoration Association, China Indoor Environment Monitoring Working Committee member and real estate information online at Taiyuan advocacy for residents of the masses of the provincial capital, social groups, set up an interactive platform for environmental monitoring. Centre in February 2006 issued by the Office to obtain the construction of Shanxi Province, "the indoor environment special" qualification certificate, in August 2009 by the Shanxi Province Quality and Technical Supervision of Laboratory certification (CMA), won the CMA measurement certification.

First, the strict implementation of national standards, standardized procedures

At present, the rapid development of real estate, construction has been recognized the seriousness of indoor environmental pollution and control of the urgency of indoor environmental pollution, and has aroused extensive attention. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction in 2002 issued a "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control," and issued "on the strengthening of management of construction projects a number of indoor environmental quality advice" (to establish and operate quality 〔2002〕 17) of the notice. "Notice" requires the establishment of civil engineering completion and acceptance of indoor environment testing system, that is when the final acceptance of construction projects, the construction unit according to the "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control" requirements for indoor environmental quality inspection and acceptance, commissioned by the assessment test approved agency construction radon, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) levels were detected targets. Interior construction work does not meet the targets of harmful substances in "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control" provisions, shall not be put into use.

Taiyuan project quality inspection station, this work also made specific demands, stop and monitor word 【2003】 25 "Taiyuan area civil engineering indoor environmental quality testing (Temporary Provisions)" file in the project completion and acceptance indoor environmental quality by adding inspection and acceptance.

Second, the indoor environment control standards and testing methods:

According to "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control norms" and "notice" requirement, combined with other cities, I center set up laboratories, equipped with equipment, in strict accordance with the "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control," namely: GB50325 implementation, Meanwhile, in order to more fully reflect the indoor air quality, we also adopted the "indoor air quality" GB/T18883 standards, to standardize the laboratory operations, scientific testing data to provide a true reflection of a reliable protection.

Formaldehyde: According GB/T18204.26-2000 "public places, method of determination of formaldehyde in the air," phenol reagent spectrophotometry

Ammonia: Based GB/T18204.25-2000 "public places, Determination of ammonia in the air" indophenol blue spectrophotometric method

Radon: According to the GB50325-2001 "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control," 6.0.5

Benzene (benzene): According to the GB50325-2001 Appendix B "of benzene in indoor air testing methods," Gas chromatography

TVOC: according to GB50325-2001 Appendix E "Determination of TVOC in indoor air," Gas chromatography

Third, establish a modern service concept, open a green channel

In order to improve efficiency, reflect the people's life quality of the environment, we continue to refine and improve the work of central regulations and work processes, and test the entire process from the previous 7 days shortened to 3 working days now, and in testing, continuous improvement service mechanism, with shoes, civilization, language, home sampling site is not turning heads all of the items, the sampling end, leaving no sample waste.

We have built more than 40 in-depth city district, distributing promotional materials to answer people questions. After extensive publicity over the years, the city indoor environment testing people awareness of the importance and demand has increased each year from 2002 to 2009, our center of 15% per annum increase in total volume of business test of 85,000 square meters, accept all types of consultation up to 3 million for the general public to build a bridge between life and environment, improve the whole quality of life.

In recent years, we have for teachers, soldiers, model workers and other community groups to contribute to the implementation of preferential or free testing events, special group of family difficulties in the implementation of free testing, so that people truly feel the government's care, so healthy living deep into the hearts of the concept of the general public.

Fourth, indoor environmental pollution on the health hazards of harmful substances:

1, Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with strong pungent odor, slightly heavier than air. Is a volatile organic compounds, mainly from wood-based panel adhesive and paint coatings. According to the research, if the formaldehyde content in indoor air is too high, the eyes, skin and respiratory tract have a strong stimulating effect. If the formaldehyde concentration of 0.1ppm, can cause throat and upper respiratory tract damage, and concentration of 0.25ppm, the asthma patients and children will find difficulty in breathing, if the long-term exposure to whole body will feel discomfort, headache, dizziness, nausea, leading to fetal malformations, infertility patients of the potential threat to women, and even can cause nasal cancer.

The concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor, the main sources of release and release with the law, but also with use of time, indoor temperature, humidity and ventilation levels and other factors, including temperature and ventilation of the most important.

2, ammonia: Ammonia is a colorless gas with strong pungent odor. Mainly used in construction of concrete admixtures, while the ammonia in indoor air can come from indoor decorative materials, such as, furniture finishing additives and when the whitening agent used in most of its ammonia. Ammonia eye, throat, upper respiratory tract function quickly, irritation caused by strong light were increased congestion and secretions, and then can cause pulmonary edema, severe laryngeal edema can occur, caused by laryngospasm asphyxia, coma, shock.

3, radon (Rn): Radon is a radioactive inert gas, colorless and tasteless. Exist in the construction of cement, slag, and decorative stone and turn the soil, in contrast, granite, bauxite, the coal gangue, fly ash with higher levels of more moderate. Will be cancer-causing radon α-ray, WHO identified 19 kinds of cancer-causing radon is one of the factors behind smoking, it can be said to be one of the main factors causing cancer.

4, benzene: Benzene is a colorless, liquid with a special fragrance, toluene, xylene, benzene homologues belong. Now more widely used in interior decoration toluene, xylene instead of benzene for various coatings. Adhesives and waterproofing materials, solvents or thinners. Benzene has a volatile, flammable, explosive characteristics of steam. In a short time inhalation of high concentrations of toluene, xylene, the anesthetic effects of central nervous system can occur, the light dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue, confusion, coma which can cause severe with respiratory and circulatory failure death. If the long-term exposure to a certain concentration of toluene, xylene can cause chronic poisoning, there may be headaches, insomnia, listlessness, loss of memory and other nervous breakdown like syndrome. Benzene compounds have been identified as the World Health Organization strongly carcinogenic.

5, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds): TVOC is the specified test conditions, the measured material or the total amount of volatile organic compounds in the air. The results show that, TVOC can smell, showing toxicity, irritation. TVOC levels can cause immune disorders affecting the central nervous system function dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms. May also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, or even serious injury, liver and hematopoietic system in the allergic reaction and so on.

TVOC aldehydes in addition to other, common also benzene, toluene, xylene, vinyl chloride, chloroform, Chennai, diisocyanate esters are derived from a variety of major coatings, adhesives and various synthetic materials.

Fifth, using scientific methods decoration:

1, note that the scientific program of decoration:

Some consumers say: Why do I select all home decoration materials, environmental protection after renovation of indoor air pollution is still there? First of all here to remind you to pay attention to science to determine the design of the decoration. In determining the design, pay attention to a variety of building and furnishing materials a reasonable mix of housing space for the calculation of carrying capacity and the calculation of the indoor ventilation and more.

2, note that the scientific renovation construction process:

In interior decoration, should be selected and will not meet the requirements of the indoor environment of indoor environmental pollution caused by construction process, some consumers and decoration companies often ignore the pollution caused by construction process, resulting in unnecessary losses, such as solid wood flooring and laminate flooring Panel or in the wall below deck to take an unreasonable processing technology and so on.

3, note that the choice of decoration materials:

The interior material is a major source of pollution, the state has issued a ten kinds of interior decoration materials, harmful substances, so the choice of material in the decoration to be selected strictly in accordance with national standards.

Six scientific methods to stay:

1, immediately after the decoration of the room should not be moved, there should be some time for the material in the full distribution of harmful gases, while maintaining good ventilation, is conducive to the discharge of harmful gases. At the same time try not to remind consumers of the new decoration in the poorly ventilated room for the night.

2, to pay attention to the science room placement office and home appliances, home and office to prevent electromagnetic radiation pollution on the health hazards, not to put too focused on household appliances, pay attention to the human body and the distance between office and home appliances. And electrical and greater, by electromagnetic waves against the smaller.

3, the decoration of furniture after purchase to science:

⑴ "smell it" has a strong pungent smell of furniture do not buy, and now wood furniture on the market, in addition to all solid wood furniture, most with wood-based panel materials are, therefore, in particular, to smell the smell the time of purchase, if the flow tears, sneezing, indicating a relatively high formaldehyde emission of furniture, not to buy.

⑵ "see report" Consumers can obtain quality inspection report to the dealer to see whether the furniture, formaldehyde emission standards to the extent permitted inside. National standard "interior decoration materials, wooden furniture of harmful substances," provides formaldehyde emission of wood furniture in not more than 1.5 mg per separate, reach E1 standard sheet proposed purchase of furniture making, and only truly achieve the E1 level standard plate really can be harmful to humans.

⑶ "asking price" the price is relatively low, bargain not particularly easy to buy, most of formaldehyde used in wood furniture, cheap artificial plates, set of wood furniture so prices are often lower.

⑷ "invoicing" There are a large number of consumers, lured by low prices in the dealer, took IOUs receipts walk away, so out of the quality problems to complaints, such non-formal invoice is often difficult to serve as an effective bills, so be sure to buy furniture dealer issued the formal invoice.

4, reasonable control adjust the indoor temperature and relative humidity, formaldehyde is a slow and volatile substances, as the temperature rises, evaporation may be faster.

5, put some flowers in the room will reduce the indoor concentrations of harmful gases, such as: aloe, spider plants, tiger Piran, evergreen, agave and other green plants.

Seven scientific detection methods for indoor environment

⑴ sense to do indoor air testing, and some home improvement is not that complete sense of smell is no problem, actually not the case, which is a few reasons: First, the emission of harmful substances in different seasons is different to the corresponding lower in winter. Second, some indoor harmful gas such as: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene and radioactive substances were imperceptible. Third, the harmful substances to stimulate the respiratory system of people, the human olfactory corresponding retardation. So do not rush to the newly renovated house to stay, should go first to the indoor environment testing department testing, listen to expert opinion, choose a suitable stay.

⑵ regular testing to select units. Should pay attention to see whether approval of national authorities, whether in Shanxi issued by the Office of Housing and Urban Shanxi Province Quality and Technical Supervision qualifications and measurement certificates issued by the CMA, is not with the national standard testing methods and testing equipment, testing After the equipment is tested in Shanxi Province by the test measurement supervision and verification. Whether by their own specialized laboratories, in particular with national authorities to develop the indoor benzene standards, and must be provided for gas chromatography detection methods, there is no specialized laboratories and professionals can not be detected.

The fundamental purpose of the real estate industry is to provide the people with safe, environmentally friendly housing, to ensure people's health, according to test results in recent years that the city is currently moving in after the decoration of houses, a considerable part of the national environmental standards do not meet the requirements methanol exceeded 90%, 92% of benzene exceeded 82% of the toluene exceeded all qualified housing less than 5%. More carbon in the green cause people to pay attention today, consumers are more concerned about the brand, focusing on environmental spending. Promote a modern home environment, home improvement and pollution associated with discharge to reverse bias the consumer home improvement is the direction of our efforts to promote the healthy development of real estate in our city, to build a harmonious Taiyuan, building livable garden city Taiyuan property is also make our contribution to sustainable development.