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The price is decided to suffer effect of supply demand relations at the same tim

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Even some of scholar perhaps is being held in both hands and the truth, falling to be able to prove more the more is true suffer Shanghai of supply and demand at the same time, how much is the value of the house after all bad to sentence a relation to affect a result to be in, highest peak is afraid so because,cannot be Shanghai because of be the same as royal mansion the price of land, case does not represent the Shanghai house of value, the estate when value should be as high as land to become of business.

Nearly two years, whether to put in house property foamy to argue about China bend over of edifice of this those Hua Rong, unable to decide which is right, and estate price rises continuously however. Go up after all drop, who says should look above all. If house property business says to go up, that is equal to did not say, because king mother-in-law sells melon,say melon impossibly to want to cheapen. There is a house in some hands, frying a room even, or it is the person that does not lack money to buy a house, no matter be economist or what person, not quite authentic also, because of them or pays no attention to house price to go up, because buy a room to combine square be nothing difficult to their Xin Mei, there perhaps is a house in the hand, the thing is done not have to be being stolen after waiting for house price to rise very much happy, even some of scholar perhaps is holding the rice bowl of estate business in both hands, how can you call tall room value? Should look next say so that have a reason, whether to have a basis. No matter who is told, should look have without the truth, is not to look to fail to meet each other to be scolded with him idea, because sincere advice often is of be unpleasant to hear. And the truth jumps over a century triumphant mansion is falling to be able to prove more is true, crammer is touched broken. Him unknown to public, also do not represent whose increase, saying word is objective, have public opinion oneself:

One, the price is decided by value, suffer supply demand relations to affect world square at the same time.

The value of Shanghai house is how many bad judgement after all, but the case that sees Japan, japan because person much ground is little, think Japanese house should go up especially greatly around the country so, the result is when highest peak, tokyo and all round the net asset value that the academic price of 3 areas exceeds value of land of American whole country and all company that appear on the market in new York stock exchange, the palace price of Japanese the emperor of Japan exceeds a California. In such atmosphere, the person is unavoidable and enthusiastic, lose due reason. Be afraid so because the land cost of Shanghai is high,cannot think the value of Shanghai house should be as high as 10000 yuan / square metre above, because the price of land does not represent value.

2, before a few years, because housing allocation money is changed, former many people buy property right house with very low price from the unit, sell at high price again piece, produce effect of a wealth, buy ability to increase so, have the demand that improves housing condition again, and the last few years of this part purchasing power is being released centrally in, but this kind of low buys public house, high price sold the good work that give to had been gone forever, so once this part purchasing power is released end, the impetus to estate market can disappear suddenly, the house price that stand high above the masses is met weightlessness.
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