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Sohu sports dispatch walks out of VIP in little broken room

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The story about Cheng Fei she is be like from Home Cheng Fei, live in this bazaar today above father of the small broken humble that use Cheng does not pass, the word that subsidizes family expenses mother to once relying on tailor glove says, the adult that goes in the room is very difficult Oriental international edifice imagines Cheng Fei, be to walk out of the now home that come to come eventually from here, we had looked in the place that Cheng Fei grows not content is very a lot of more.

In Hubei yellow stone, the story that poors about Cheng is very a lot of more. About city of her Shanghai of bridge of domestic background rainbow, about her growing course, about the disposition like her holiday boy, gave us too much reflection space. Can say, she walks out of the VIP that come in broken room as a child namely.

Poor this to interview Cheng of gymnastic world champion, we set foot on the bus that heads for Huang Shi in Wuhan. In Huang Shi the help of city sports bureau falls, we found Cheng humble parents smoothly. Be in at the back of sports bureau on the side of a not remote market Oriental century edifice, cheng humble parents is managing the body color point of sales with a very little scope, also manage a few non-staple food to taste at the same time.

With Cheng Fei parental word says, trade fair. The Cheng Fei that subsidizes family expenses to once relying on tailor glove to grow peak center nevertheless one for, present life had cast off the corner in the past.

Home Cheng Fei lives in this bazaar nowadays above, it is the center of company of house Pacific Ocean that development business gives freely, in present home we had not looked to give Cheng Fei to live in one's childhood the impress of pinch. We ask the old building that goes to Home Cheng Fei looks, cheng Ligao agrees with Cheng humble father willingly. Then, in Cheng humble father guide below, walk along an ave to wear lane, came to the place that Cheng Fei grows eventually.

If not be place of saw with one's own eyes,see, imagine those who come very hard to Cheng Fei is walked out of from here namely. This is a 4 Xiaolou, already extremely dilapidated nowadays, and a building site has been before this Xiaolou, apparent here tearing open change. Of Home Cheng Fei outside the wall is bare already, present black, the ground before the building still is slimy ground up to now, already also just was pitch-black. Below the tent that maintains with plastic paper by the building, opened a small restaurant, its defend the difference of unripe condition to be able to imagine. Cross this small restaurant, be on stair. The stair of cement also already smear is full of stains or spots, black difficult differentiate, stair a side is piling everywhere various sundry, make appear more close-packed with respect to narrow corridor originally. But Cheng humble father a few a sudden big stride forward, get us to his door mouth. After opening the door, a decayed flavour is tangy and come, can you imagine, this is the house that built 1975 unexpectedly!
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