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How to know differentiate secondhand room age?

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"I am the closest pitch on secondhand room, landlord says this house built 1998, I see the date on house property card was May 1999 however, the land cut that land access shows on card solstice period will be on May 20, 2065. Is the house after all which years ah? Was I cheated? " preparation in the Changchun City village of 2 Ou Mou is bought secondhand Miss Li of the room however by the house actual age got a head. After all is this house how old " age " ?

The person that ask a preface at this point sought advice to concern an expert, according to introducing, in fact these two date that Miss Li offers cannot reflect a building make fixed number of year. The date on house property card can reflect building ownership only the date that the person acquires this property property right actually, if be secondhand room, some already pass on two come 3 times, the date sending card of the account on the evidence of this house property that sees finally so may be head and shoulders above the building with actual building date. Additional, can conclude up to date according to what land access shows on card giving this building is gained land access on May 20, 1995, but develop business to whether once gain land access,begin to make judgement of building criterion have no way.

So about secondhand how the real fixed number of years of the room should be checked? The expert introduced a few action to discern secondhand Fang Zhen is solid " the age " simple method:

Method one:

Method 2:  of land of  of Quan of class beans a surname basketry tip of the  that feed  jumps over  of man of handsome ⑽ of  Yin  to rainwater in puddles  of  of leech of Juan Yu  goes back on his word mire target osmund Ran Xiayan wishs to seek muddleheaded of clear  word to mirror  to go back on one's word mire target osmund Ran Xianwan

Method 3: ? of pure an ancient wine vessel made of horn of Chen of П of Piao of illicit of  of an ancient drinking vessel of a pavilion or house on a terrace of wolf of Juan Shi サ

Method 4:

Finally, consumer still can be in what sign with landlord to make over the agreement in the contract, if of the building build what fixed number of year and landlord place offer actually not agree with, landlord agree carries responsibility of breach of contract.