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Secondhand general view of house business risk

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Although buy secondhand the room has a lot of advantage, but for the business conduct that builds commodity house relatively, secondhand the room trades involve law the relation is complex, square state of mind of buyers and sellers and intermediary changes from time to tome, together with buyers and sellers because information asymmetry, trade there is rise high into the air of property right change the name of owner in a register, building, number of households and total population in the process the reason of a lot of formalities such as consign of money of cleanness of migratory, property, house and link, secondhand in house business course a few more incidental dispute, bring about trade to interrupt or cannot go on wheels. Recently, the reporter visited company of much home intermediary, summed up a few kinds secondhand the room trades the poses issue easily element in the process, coordinate real case, the hope can be bought to preparation secondhand the reader of the room is helped somewhat.

Landlord regret is made an appointment with

"Jump valence " happen from time to tome

In secondhand the room trades in, because landlord jumps valence and the situation that creates buying and selling to cannot undertake going down is most common. Miss Li took a fancy to couplet foreign community the one state in covering is artistic of eulogy hang out one's shingle room source, in intermediary square contact falls, with landlord Mr Wang reached an abecedarian to buy room intention, signed between two parties agreement. Then, miss Li pays Mr Wang 20 thousand yuan serve as deposit, mr Wang sign after receiving sth expresses to be able to sign the formal contract that buy a house at any time. Who knows, had done not have two days, mr Wang puts forward total prices suddenly to want 50 thousand yuan to rise, be about to sell others otherwise, make Miss Li feel accident quite. Later, intermediary personnel understands, it is company of the intermediary that fasten the home so see Mr Wang hang out one's shingle get in touch with Mr Wang after room source, express many to the client is willing 50 thousand yuan of room sources that buy him, in the interest drive below, mr Wang decision abandons individual credence to earn 50 thousand yuan more, this ability " jump valence " .

Shi Junhua of senior manager of department of Wu of law of Chinese eaves real estate expresses, in this kind of dispute, often be intermediary square to grab room source, and beguiling owner says " the client is willing many × the 10 thousand houses that buy you " , and often this so called client exists far from. Owner " jump valence " resell, what sacrifice not only is his credence, once be bought room person tell a court, still can be asked to return pair of times deposit. But, in be operated actually, very rare " jump valence " the owner of break a contact returns pair of times deposit, want to issue the home to be not found out only, also return next homes to come to an end commonly. As a result of " truer " next homes are not much, because of this owner time and again " jump valence " bring about trade the appearance that cannot have happens from time to tome.
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