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Secondhand room loan note

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Editor comrade: I valued many yuan 30 secondhand room, among them the house money of one part is solved so that rely on to borrow money. Now, I had been not made an appointment with with seller autograph, but intermediary borrows money to be no problem for certain to my acceptance house, still can help me lend a feature more as far as possible, urge I sign a contract rapidly, hand in head pay. This house is to go up 80 time build the century, excuse me, the bank is right secondhand the room borrows money, especially is Gao Fangling secondhand what does room loan have to ask? Zhang Huiling of area of Beijing rising sun

The problem of Comrade Zhang Huiling is a lot of reader place cares, for this, we consulted bank about secondhand the concerned regulation that the room borrows money.

To avoid oneself risk, the bank is in for secondhand when the room provides loan, often set relatively strict requirement to building itself and usurer, basically include:

One, room age. Secondhand the room of the room age already became a lot of banks to extend the standard of an examine and verify of loan, room age grows loan to be jumped over into number more low, do not grant possibly even to borrow money.

2, the building is located the position, monovalent, area. The position is out-of-the-way, monovalent the house with low, small area, loan becomes number inferior, do not grant possibly even to borrow money.

3, credence of the age of usurer, individual and reimbursement ability. The age bigger, credence the usurer with inferior ability of poorer, reimbursement, of loan jump over into number low, do not grant possibly even to borrow money.

4, loan building a cycle of songs in a traditional opera. If be the house that loan buys the 2nd above, loan is reduced into number, do not grant possibly even to borrow money.

5, if usurer is nonlocal registered permanent residence, loan is reduced possibly also into number. So, before buying room person to be made an appointment with in formal autograph, should take the material such as photocopy of card of bargainor property right and oneself income proof to seek advice in detail to the bank, after accomplishing know fairly well, sign again about.