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Buy secondhand how does the room choose intermediary?

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Secondhand the buying and selling of the room should compare commodity house complex much, many secondhand room need trades through intermediary company. Because formalities is much, a few " black intermediary " from which obtain interest, the market order with disturbed normal. So, how to choose good intermediary company? The reporter interviewed 21 centuries a few days ago the professional personage of headquarters of Shaanxi of elegant building of branch of praedial Xi'an area and Ma.

According to introducing, as consumer, should choose governmental industry to be in charge of a branch above all approval, had obtained hold the intermediary company of aptitude of course of study, the office place that should go to intermediary company at the same time undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation. Before entrusting intermediary orgnaization to act as agent at the same time, want to ask a few questions in detail, if what service item can intermediary company offer? How to collect fees? If if wish to clinch a deal,be done not have, how refund? If buyers and sellers produces issue, does intermediary company have loss of incapable responsible compensation? Etc. It is clear that the mainest to these problem must understand.

Next, brand intermediary company can understand the dependability of room source in detail, be like the house that husband and wife buys jointly, if both sides is handling a divorce, one party is taken sell, the property right of the building has a problem, if do not understand in detail, bring a trouble probably.

Again, brand intermediary can be executed more the capital of sunshine superintends means, company of several intermediary of Xi'an city is to be in a bank to open account, introduce tripartite to undertake capital is superintended, assured the security of capital so.

Additional, regular intermediary corporation can make very professional building evaluate a report. If be opposite secondhand did not hold the property right of the room, best can the professional lawyer of respect of estate of appoint to a position becomes adviser, lest be deceived.

Finally, buy secondhand the room should arrive personally trade the place is dealt with make over formalities. When some people buy a house, be afraid of a trouble, traded to save poundage, do sth for sb by full-fledged member of person of carry out room trade formalities, the result is taken in one's hand house property card is a holiday likely, building droit cannot get legal protection, pose issue. Because this is bought secondhand when the room, the estate that buyers and sellers must appoint to the government trades spatial conduction property right makes over formalities, by the country the regulation hands in all sorts of trading charge, the property right card that the government that get issues, best buyers and sellers can hand in money skill to make a room single-handed. Zhang Hui of our newspaper reporter

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