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Representative one flatlet cheated hundred thousands of one room to sold agent t

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The reporter understood in interview recently, because be in secondhand in house business course, many people selling a house for as soon as possible the hand medium secondhand the room sells, searched a few be engaged in technically secondhand of house business " owner is procuratorial " will help trade. But live in a city Mr Zhou on the west encounters troublesome issue however, he searchs " owner is procuratorial " not only did not sell oneself house, sign was done not have after cheating house money instead.
Representative one flatlet was cheated hundred thousands of

"Think of to be badly in need of wanting to use brushstroke fund, for as soon as possible house get off one's hands, so I just sought an owner agent, did not think of to cause a trouble for oneself instead. " in the city Mr Zhou that the reporter saw one face worried look on the west.

He says, that owner agent called him to sign " contract of building business representative " , and promise gives him to sell the room certainly before August 3, and Xiang Zhouxian gives birth to pay 3000 yuan bail, if acceptance did not sell on time, he is willing to regard bail as penalty due to breach of contract pays Mr Zhou. Flash went a few days, mr Zhou has not gotten the reply of that owner agent, call how to also was hit in the past be illogical, wear soon was about on August 3, mr Zhou begins a bit anxious, but think of owner agent returns pay 3000 yuan of bail are in him hand, did not think too much.

"In the 5th day when, I just know I was duped owner agent! " Mr Zhou tells a reporter, mixed in the morning respectively that day coming to two to profess afternoon is the person that bought Mr Zhou house, said to had handed in ten yuan head pay the agent of Mr Zhou, at the same time they were taken out " receipt " sign personally with Mr Zhou " contract of building business representative " Xerox, "See these things, I immediately foolish eye, also do not know how oneself should do now. " Mr Zhou is very depressed the ground to reporter say.

Also just be wanted to bear legal responsibility by the representative

The similar case that the reporter appears with respect to Mr Zhou interviewed Chengdu outstanding the Pei Dewei's lawyer that becomes attorney office, he tells a reporter, secondhand like this kind room agent violates compasses operation and appear " one room 2 sell " phenomenon, its act as agent to just be mixed be acted as agent to just should bear corresponding legal responsibility.

According to our country " civil code general rule " the 63rd regulation, "Citizen, legal person can carry out civil law action through agent. Agent is inside acting attributive, with be being carried out by procuratorial name civil law action. Be opposite by agent procuratorial acting action, assume civil responsibility " . Mr Zhou ought to assume following civil responsibility to procuratorial acting action: Above all, ought to the advanced to buying person that buy a house fulfils a contract, consign building; Next, buy house fund to buying the person buying a house after to return what already closed, undertake corresponding responsibility of breach of contract. Of course, after agent sells Mr Zhou house for you, will still the behavior that the building sells again is the invalid and civil action that oversteps acting limits of authority, according to our country " civil code general rule " the 66th regulation, agent ought to assume civil responsibility to this, after Mr Zhou is assuming afore-mentioned civil responsibility, can undertake chasing after countervail to agent lawfully.
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