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Manual of course of study of buy of labour firewood estate- - those who buy a ro

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State above all, I am more complete buy a house dilettante, can sum up me to buy the gain and loss of the room so only with the perspective of dilettante person. As to the structure of the building, real in-house character, my have no way is mentioned. What do not explain especially is, my alleged secret Ji is aimed at labour firewood estate only, big money people what be without reference to this is necessary.
Dilettante person buys a house, should choose fine house above all " big neighbor " , pay close attention to the income level of major owner and quality standard namely. Person with group cent, if most owner is belonged to,have money particularly and leisure estate, you can feel to feel without achievement; If the resident itself of a few your neighbour, buildings that are your photograph adjacent even buys a house feebly at all, just share same village with you because of such-and-such reason merely, you are waiting for incessant headache -- this may drink to make all right today late night, because do funeral arrangement piping and drumming,the likelihood will be in some tomorrow in the courtyard, paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead is scattered in the courtyard or horse of some of paper person paper is gotten on the ave, which man light wears acquired likelihood wing takes a bench to sit in the courtyard to saying bad word aloud with another man, letting you is not flavor. The house is a large amount of consumption of life, the odds that China is versed in firewood estate changes a room is current still small, "Choose adjacent and house " in be being attached most importance to really heavy.
The 2nd, buy a room to want to see the light enough. Your house need not a rising sun, but must the light as far as possible good; Otherwise you also must open lamp illume by day, the sort of feeling too accurate. Say from this angle, alleged " leave times of air conditioning central heating " the high-grade house of notional avant-courier you are best decline, because be small window, get the light by day.
The 3rd, at least a room can let in relief illumination shoot 4 hour above, or winter of a few houses is in by the time summation of sunshine illuminate 4 hours of above. Don't you want to let the child enjoy the garment by " the flavour of sunshine " ?
The 4th, hold to on financial capacity " jump to must go up quite " principle. For instance, you have financial capacity to buy two house now, that bites gnash one's teeth to buy 3 house; Buy the financial capacity of 3 house only, might as well buy tooth crunch 4 house. Otherwise, the financial resources that becomes you is gradually great, you can feel your room is too little. Be in China, changing a room is not a comfortable thing to everybody.
The 5th, the school that leaves the child is bit closer, again bit closer; The far and near of the unit can consider with secondary. The unit can be changed ceaselessly. Some closer from the school, this it may not be a bad idea after you changed big house is rental. Say from this angle, if one leaves the room with child far school you are more satisfactory, it is better that sexual price is compared, I or that sex price that suggest you choose to leave the school close compare a bit rotten room.
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