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When contract of the autograph that buy a house relevant agreement one cannot li

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The very much person that buy a house complains: When estate business makes a room, road is illogical, greenbelt is done not have, the village still is a big building site, this kind of building how can is consign used? The expert that buy a house reminds you, want to avoid this kind of circumstance to appear, be about to make clear the condition that building consign uses when signing a contract----Relevant agreement cannot little!

" commodity house sale runs way " in specific provision, commodity house shows one of conditions of carry out, be " water supply, power supply, heat addition, light the infrastructure of form a complete set such as gas, communication to have consign use condition, infrastructure of other form a complete set and public facilities have consign use condition to already perhaps fixed construction schedule and due date " . And what is the consign use condition that opens to booking commodity house, left the person that buy a house and estate business to agree through the contract. Begin to carry out by 2003 " Beijing city estate makes over administrative measure " , will build a building to obtain " construction project complete is checked and accept put on record watch " and " transaction of technology of actual measurement of commodity house area " it is Beijing estate surely the statutory requirement that business pay opens to booking commodity house, the condition that other consign uses still left the person that buy a house and estate business the agreement. Accordingly, if when the hope is entered, the person that buy a house has a good living environment, must agree good contract the 14th, and will this " the commitment that sells a person to move normally about building of infrastructure, communal form a complete set " , the agreement meets one of room requirements for estate business. This are very important.

● infrastructure

Does infrastructure include to buy a building to be in a village to build ㄑ of the water supply that covers suitably, power supply, heat addition, Bin burning gas with place of the person that buy a house? Phone and broadband) , TV system (TV of public TV antenna, cable television, satellite) , the establishment such as road, afforest.

Before water supply buys room person to buy a house, should making clear what oneself buy a house is to belong to national tap water to provide net water supply, still be water supply of groundwater of well of village provide for oneself. Belong to former, the person that buy a house should ask estate business mentions expressly on the contract, water supply of the village when making a room already brought into national tap water to manage a network; Belong to latter, the person that buy a house should ask estate business mentions expressly on the contract, when making a room, the use of groundwater already passed management department examine and verify to approve, can show what quarantine branch affirms to accord with the report of standard of potable water.
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