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Future of CBD of new city of Guangzhou Pearl River all will show luxurious momen

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2008 summer end, CBD of Pearl River new city (area of central business affairs) trade group, guest of countless investment a person of extraordinary powers is in eye cast this to be about to shed gold to drip again on silver-colored geomantic treasure ground.

At the beginning of this month, the sodorous whole world that start enrols commercial square in the center of area of core of Pearl River new city business plan, bring so that countless capital contest bows. Not come singly but in pairs, bed a side, qualification of Pearl River new city is the oldest, dish be stationed in the ground of Gao De buy with commercial the largest area first SeasonsMall also with day and night jumped-up speed desire luxuriant come on the stage. In addition, bu Ting of disease of 100 fine letters takes one of 10 big land agent of Guangzhou Pearl River new city, its first commerce project " sun town square " the means that justed to choose to form an alliance at the beginning, as big as state-owend enterprise of native land business alligator " wide 100 share " couplet sleeves come on stage, be about to cry board city of the Milky way.

"Before long in the future, chinese type will be here ' Manhaduluokefeile ' , the CBD of urban CBD. " a variety of evidence make clear, in Pearl River new city does not arrive this piece in the plot of 7 square kilometer, nearly 10 trade are huge without bully the trade group that asked a gross area to be close to 700 thousand square metre. This one word is overtaking the system capacity of road of Nanjing of ave of well of Beijing king government office, Shanghai is mixed at present one business encircles the Huanadi of road of the Milky way. Of afford for thought is, multivariate capital holds a group in the arms to gather together, all happen to coincide however ground option leaves with luxury line bet business of CBD of Pearl River new city to encircle future.

"Without money, will not play. " it is surely in CBD trade pattern " high end, brand and dimensions " later, industry play weighs retail trade to will become certainly in the breakthrough of Pearl River new city " the game that burns money " . And the backside in impulse of this towering type dilate, "Is business of CBD of Pearl River new city encircled " what to take to make oneself a good future? Good luck and risk coexist, the mystery in enlarge insolent tide brews. Then, this summer, be in numerous in the eye that sees a customer, CBD of Pearl River new city this commerce makes fun of greatly progressively drilling becomes clang strong however accumulate the fierce that containing in and out, unripe life and death to die makes fun of.

   Group of trade of 700 thousand square metre

Be unable to bear loneliness " field of fame and gain "

Rise to gradually from what run-down outskirts of a city encircles to invisible and luxurious business, this circumference is less than CBD of Pearl River new city the plot of 7 square kilometer, it is one is unable to bear doleful " field of fame and gain " .
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