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Shanghai " newly mark " open the door greet a visitor innovation of hire of ever

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The message said recently, the center of Shanghai round-the-world banking that gets attention fully (SWFC) total investment is as high as 8.3 billion yuan of RMBs, and in the investment fund of whole property, partner investment and loan of bank financial group are occupied each 50% . For as soon as possible disinvestment, operation square set Shanghai is current of level of hire of office building market new tall, achieve " lowest " 20 yuan of every square metre everyday. Press this computation, although the office area of 200 square metre, hire of a year also is as high as 1.44 million yuan.

Under photograph comparing, the hire of the Lou Yu such as the edifice collecting abundant that is in area of land home mouth together, beautiful banner edifice is the half of SWFC about, it is 10 yuan of every square metre only everyday.

From 7 main body that till 77 business works,area is center of Shanghai round-the-world banking, at present office building of round-the-world banking center is entered halt rate already amounted to 45% , predict to be able to be amounted to after a year 90% . Had signed enter the enterprise that be stationed in to be given priority to with financial orgnaization of Japan and enterprise about, amount to 11; Come from Euramerican enterprise only 6, among them financial orgnaization 3.

The experience it may be said of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking " the destiny is rough " . After was started 1994, the Asian banking crisis after 1997 lets this project shutdown near 5 years. And the harangue on configuration of space of after this floor and denominate is constant, more till the structure sealed a top last year in September,let its, just enabled formally this year in August. Whole design builds cycle to be as long as 14 years.
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