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10 thousand divisions alone floor market price falls or just begin no longer

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Chinese estate market warms up continuously in recent years, make this industry accumulative in overspeed development very big risk, and be the process that the risk releases stage by stage at present. Of Chinese real-estate industry in long-term risk still depends on his the mutual blame between the element such as technology of the market, development, finance, management coordinates development

  Depreciate still continueing, 10 thousand divisions also no longer alone.

Although 10 thousand divisions say a net to go up rife " the speech on Song Shanhu conference " belong to forge (this article says, "Want to dare to depreciate, be brave in to depreciate, sell the goods in stock of at hand and the new money that rolling out in development with the rapiddest rate... " ) , however its depreciate act already began to spread all over the whole nation. Nanjing advocate building of the city zone dish lowermost discount is hit 8 fold the following, hangzhou 7. 5 fold cause a sale to explode canopy, shanghai suburb building dish criterion at every turn 8. 8 fold, 8. 5 fold roll out indulgence of so called festival. Depreciate the capital predicament that act is resolving 10 thousand divisions, it is reported, shanghai building dish last weekend steam again capital crosses 200 million yuan.

Afterwards after 10 thousand divisions, 13 building that constant earth produces the whole nation dish also begin to protect this " reduction sale " , mid-autumn, during National Day open quotation 8. 5 lose a sale. The room of semifinished product of garden of constant big oasis of Nanjing, actual sale price is square metre of 4600 yuan of / - square metre of 5000 yuan of / , bureau of prices of peaceful area of river of city of photograph comparing Nanjing is right this first floor dish nuclear price square metre of 7480 yuan of / , fall panel height amounts to 35 % , get fall countrywide house price.
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