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Floor price drops a group of people of same interest of real estate of business

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Want to produce mood change because of indignant, fear only, the octopus in the sea can change cutaneous color and pattern for an instant, this kind rapid " suddenly turn hostile " be a kind approximately natural absolutely vivid, can repel competitor to conserve thereby life.

When strong building city begins occurrence price to become loose, most enterprise is not willing and active " suddenly turn hostile " . From this, the hearsay of in the bookshops is mostly will considerably " depreciate " call " benefit is empty " , the wait-and-see mood of the person that the sex of a flight of stairs of house price drops to buy accentuation the house, if snowball accumulates more more commonly,the person that buy a house perhaps awaits more patient land the discount of house price, a money that brings about land agent thereby is more difficult.

Once was in " house price will still rise " the development business that height retains to agree in opinion on public affairs, loiter around however now at " fall or do not fall " in condition of be in a dilemma.

   Those who depreciate is painful

When deep-set capital problem terribly defeated development business hopes to use depreciate alleviate when selling pressure, they cannot be found temporarily however " next buildings " where is step.

A real estate appears on the market company hope near future is in Hua Dong on price of some town house somewhat movement, but the high-end room fixed position that accepts be confined to to a string of 1000 cash firstly, this company can salesperson of stealthily incite sb to do sth begins to make sales promotion beforehand case. After this, the salesperson of a gleam of thinks a 75 privilege that lose can be helpful for clear sky of with one action quite its more than 100 clothbound builds the remaining part that shows a house dish, begin in the sale subsequently " try water " .
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