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Ferry seaside starts at second birth of 槃 of domestic fort Nie the area builds

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The reporter learns, area of core of area of business affairs of traffic of center of seaside new developed area -- the policy program of center of Yu Jiabao banking is undertaking in full blast. A few days ago, build by finance of pond buy area, city, city appoint with seaside appoint the investment of a of 4 units plan specialized service at Yu Jiabao company -- limited company of Tianjin new banking begins to establish, everything what this company will be in charge of division of Yu Jiabao banking in the round enrols business and partial construction work. Current, pond buy area becomes the largest stockholder of this company temporarily with the share of 51 % .

According to pond buy area relevant staff member introduces, division of Yu Jiabao banking will collect headquarters of domestic and international finance, safe, negotiable securities, transnational corporation or area headquarters, attract law, accountant, ad, seek advice, the contemporary service line of business such as news service enters an area, construction becomes center of banking of area of annulus Bohai Sea, international trade center and information service center.

Speak of noisy snail bay and the fixed position relation at domestic fort, area of central business affairs is in charge of appoint Gao Hongyu of conference vice director is generalized, "Noisy snail bay is to should attract provincial city industry to come seaside new developed area develops, build center of a business affairs; And Yu Jiabao will be built become financial center, form amlposition development with noisy snail bay. "
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