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Content of north and south of fashionable of mode of sale of garden of green jad

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About the sale of garden of green jade laurel, tall sex price compares a magic weapon that the product is its get the upper hand of, depend on this kind of advantage, garden of green jade laurel created an another sale legend.

Before this before long, garden of green jade laurel is in the city of lake of the first project bank of Anhui once open quotation adapts the history of city of the building in Anhui, this dishes with selling 320 million yuan that day, the sale champion that 5000 people's present grand occasion becomes Hefei area.

Be in more and more areas to open mysterious veil as the project below banner of garden of green jade laurel, people has reason to believe, this " landed aircraft carrier " the double advantage that will depend on its function and brand, drive straight in in market of each district estate, take cities and seize territory.

   Sudden tumble is developed

This year, garden of green jade laurel is full of lofty aspirations and great ideals, external announce guides those who want to will have distinguishing feature of garden of green jade laurel alone is brand-new community mode and lifestyle belt go to complete China, predict to have more than 15 inside countrywide limits new dish of open quotation.

Data shows, up to at the beginning of September 2008, garden of green jade laurel realizes more than 10 inside countrywide limits brand-new the successful open quotation of the project, for example garden of garden of garden of laurel of Chongqing green jade, laurel of Shenyang green jade, laurel of Wuhan green jade, and of each project roll out, refresh the sale record of local building city.
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