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Beijing building city: Last week open quotation of 4 projects open quotation all

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Project of new open quotation of capital floor city has 4 only last week, integral open quotation all valence is 17950 yuan / square metre, relatively before a week 10550 yuan / square metre annulus is compared rise 70.14% .

These 4 projects are respectively those who be located in the area that tell a state is new connect international garden,

Assist into vise general manager of estate broker company Miao Peidan points out, last week there is an in part in increasing supply newly is the old project later period outside be located in 5 annulus, the proportion that this part takes total supply into the supply of city is higher, although these buildings many dishes be located in the area beyond 5 annulus, but develop pattern as a result of large-scale synthesis, in landscape, gardens, door model design and miniature building is had on village oneself form a complete set dish the core competition ability that cannot compare and the self-identity of the person that be bought a house, connect what international garden enters town this newly to cover like what be located in a city all the area is 79 square metre, 9200 yuan / square metre, house money and head pay relatively inferior. The big Cheng Jun of abundant stage area is with low density garden foreign room supplies the market, in the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site this kind of product between 5 annulus is relatively exiguous. At present price of house of capital floor town still is in perch, of the person that buy a house in buying intent to guide next tending in market price case and policy small area, the apiration that buy a house is more rational, at the same time this kind of reason is changed also guiding development business to roll out more to suit to buy room person the product of real demand. Because there is villa of the apartment inside 2 annuluses last week of the project enter town, so integral drive up the market all valence. (reporter Zhao Liping)
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