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New York Times: Chinese estate market is small the price that confuse a room fal

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Now, china also joined the rank with global estate fatigued and weak market, published list of be in distress together with the United States, England, Spain.

Statistical data shows, arrived in July from last year this year in July, average price amplitude is Chinese commodity house only one digit, and, with the height level photograph of the beginning of the year is compared this year, present house price all plunges considerably, in addition, clinch a deal the quantity is apparently atrophic also.

Among this, the estate market of Chinese southeast ministry is the most advanced enter low ebb period, subsequently, whole low confuse atmosphere to spread the whole nation. Decrease in great quantities as a result of the person that buy a house, estate development business begins to roll out in succession depreciate measure. In southeast ministry certain zone, house price falls differ to 40 % from 10 % . The personage inside course of study expresses, the person of China that buy a house becomes more and more scrupulous now, because market environment is bad, the investor that orders below real skill compares a day one day little.

As lack of power as growth of Chinese estate market of the coinstantaneous slowdown that still has export trade and stock market drop greatly. Economist thinks, these phenomena all mirror the growth pace that gives Chinese economy to had put delay, but, of nearly 10 % add fast still can make most country envious.