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Forum of height of area of business affairs of first Hangzhou canal is wonderful

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-- area of Hangzhou canal business affairs is Hangzhou canal protects area of villa of major project, arch integratedly " build elegant arch villa 3 years the action plans " " 10 big projects " crucial project.

Arch villa area appoint, district government puts forward: Want an area of canal business affairs " make area of the villa that it is arch develop quality to serve a function highestly, integratedly the most complete, radiate drives the new area class center with the strongest capability, become future of arch villa district to expand new growth extremely " . Pass the construction of area of Hangzhou canal business affairs, drive form burgeoning " canal business is encircled " , for the economy of urban canal along the line development lays a foundation.
On June 10, 2008, "Forum of height of area of business affairs of first Hangzhou canal " hold again in Hang Long. Long Yongtu of secretary-general of forum of Asia of a huge legendary turtle of undersecretary of ministry of collaboration of economy of former foreign trade, rich, chinese estate and residential seminar vice-chairman consider Yun Chang, liu Zhijiang of secretary-general of national travel society, beijing CBD plans the expert scholar such as total advisory Ke Huanzhang to attend forum grand meeting. Quote copiously from many sources of scholar of expert attending the meeting, the viewpoint is contended for sharp edge, the communication form that speaks with high end is wonderful make a speech, build character to make suggestions for area of Hangzhou canal business affairs.

People believes, area of Hangzhou canal business affairs -- the new-style city economy such as originality of travel of space of building of headquarters of a collect, trade, culture the assemble area of industry condition, be sure to make the demonstrative window of the economic culture gallery with city main north and life character, the economic society that is sure to thrust uses area of whole Hangzhou north develops, also be sure to produce main stimulative effect to the promotion of Hangzhou city grade and integrated competition ability.

Conversational topic: The Xin Liang that area promotes in the round is nodded

Xu Ming (arch villa trifling is long)

Area of canal business affairs has important sense to development of arch villa area. From the point of governmental angle, basically reflect in a few such respects.

It is to conduce to drive industrial transition to promote. The canal is not a pure river, the development be closely bound up of it and industry. The be open to navigation or air traffic that canal cut place brings, irrigating benefit, once promoted the development of industry of arch villa convention greatly, have for example " royal barn " the Fu Yicang that say, on century Asia's biggest have pins and needles spins factory Zhejiang hemp to spin a factory, it is the portraiture with flourishing agriculture of go to work of arch villa history. Current, arch villa area is in by once industrial storage area lives to modern trade business area transition, industrial structure is faced with 2 produce to 3 yield adjustment, developing property of advanced manufacturing industry, new and high technology energetically while, contemporary service line of business has sailed the drive of development. How to seize opportunity, accelerate transition? Area of canal business affairs relies on resource of landscape of canal zoology culture as, office building of high-grade hotel, first class, mart, high-grade residence is equal to collect the large city synthesis of an organic whole, be sure is the bibcock that drives this transition and engine, become arch villa area to make canal business encircle advocate position.
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