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Abstruse experience exhibits the Hangzhou that invests 8 billion yuan job of cen

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Yesterday morning, the Qian Jiang that is located in bank of money pond Changjiang Delta 2 (bank Cheng Lu) , start working of vanward river change its course, abstruse experience exhibits this adumbrative Hangzhou central substance builds early days to work to had begun.

Abstruse experience exhibits Hangzhou the center includes abstruse body center and international to read extensively center, will become the 2nd international is recreational 2011 of exposition advocate assembly room.

"Two centers " infrastructure includes bank river all the way, bank river road of 2 road, youths, outer shroud on the west road, Qian Jiang one, 2, river of change its course of river of 3 road, pioneers, 7 armour is transformed, change its course of east wind river. Always invest 8 billion yuan.

Facilities of sports of abstruse body center includes stadium, gymnasium, natant center, tennis center, spherule center, indoor track and field and heavy sports center, hockey center, softball center, baseball a shot in the arm of center, scientific research detects and news center; Can exhibit establishment to include advocate center of conference of office of place, cent place, business affairs, news.

The Hangzhou after building international of abstruse body center, Hangzhou reads extensively center, can undertake not only activity of intercontinental sex, national large sports match, for me the province is applied games of 12 whole nations provided necessary establishment safeguard 2013, still will become collective Yo, meeting to exhibit, recreational, business affairs, travel, culture, inhabit an organic whole, make the newly bid of money pond river bank.