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Shanghai office building is successive 4 months demand exceeds supply clinch a d

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In the hard Bo Yizhong of both sides of supply and demand, business the development business of the room is OK tone of Shu Yi of in a way, rise of demand considerably make its clinch a deal the price rapid climb. The newest all computation that announces according to house property of Shanghai barren island is occupied, may, shanghai business spreads market supply pelter, market demand is 1.5 times of supply more adjacent. Meanwhile, market of Shanghai office building appeared to clinch a deal the prices that the volume rises considerably, cause demand thereby double at supply.

Business spreads supply in May pelter

Advanced two months are consecutive after to the limit of one's capacity, shanghai business spreads the supply of the market to drop to the end of the cereal since this year eventually. According to statistic, in May, shanghai business shop is added newly supply an area60495 square metre, appeared to decrease a phenomenon suddenly, relatively glided in April 70.61% . In May, shanghai business shop clinchs a deal eighty-nine thousand six hundred square metre, relatively dropped in April 24.45% . Clinch a deal 799, relatively on the month reduces 272. Because business spreads supply to be decreased suddenly, and clinch a deal quantity reductive scope is little at supply, business spreads the market to present a situation that demand exceeds supply, comparing of supply and demand is 1: 1.48.

Those who suffer supply demand relations pull move, of market of Shanghai business shop clinch a deal the price rises unexpectedly, achieve new this year tall. Statistic shows, business shop market clinched a deal May all valence is every square metre 12024 yuan, relatively rose in April 16.51% . Notable is, in the business shop that clinched a deal in May, shop of the community of downtown business clinchs a deal with higher price, the front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers love the home of mouth of the center of bridge of couplet Xin rainbow that if grow,coulds there be, rainbow. Meanwhile, the suburb has the business shop of type of some of omnibus commerce square to clinch a deal, if loosen,the Shanghai scene luck of the business street of garden of 3 Hunan the four seasons of the river, treasure mountain lives square, also pull tall the whole of business shop market all valence.

House property of Shanghai barren island expresses about the personage, as a result of early days large quantities of new appear on the market business shop was not digested by the market, the business of area of a few outer shroud spreads rein in the footstep that appear on the market. Additional, there were 30 many buildings May dish defer appear on the market plan, bring about the business with this form a complete set to spread a project to also be deferred appear on the market.
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