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"Borrow housing to appear on the market " investigation " China most squire " re

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Xinhua net Xi'an on June 26 report (reporter Chu Guojiang) enterprise of a civilian battalion, be in a few years short the land that kilometer of the 53 square side Yellow River beach acquired in time, the area that compares Macao is even large. Shaanxi province person amounts to Inc. managing these land smoothly 50 years after the Lin Quan card of operating period, borrow money with this capital attraction, guaranty, participate in appear on the market the asset of the company recombines.

The reporter understands from concerned branch, because the person amounts to a company to be in " rescue sex recombines " appear on the market the large stockholder of agriculture of abundant of company the Qin Dynasty -- Shaanxi province is planted in trade group process, operating sequence is non-standard, appear much place is violated compasses, entering advocate " mandatory " be instructed to exit after two years, and profess when capital attraction " China most squire " the person amounts to letter of company president Wang Zhong to because be suspected of,also violate crime to be approved to catch.

Contract the forestry centre that rent, production land is mythological

Shaanxi saves a person to amount to Inc. to held water 1995, it is Shaanxi saves a civilian battalion to accuse farm production runs a company. The company registers capital 1 . 8.3 billion yuan, its core capital to 53 square kilometer is had 50 years in county of big Li of the city austral short for Weihe River the forestry of use card is produced cultivate forest with the ground and partial fruit.

The reporter understands from bureau of forestry of big Li county, these earthy landlords that the person amounts to a company if from big Li county group of a few villages rents state-owned Shayuan forestry centre and periphery to contract and come. This company differentiates these land small, arrive from 2002 between 2005 handled card of 102 Lin Quan, ten thousand six hundred and seventy-eight area of card of authority of its middle forest is the largest. 95 mus, the smallest have 3 only. 3 mus, number of Lin Quan card from " 6121270002 " discharge all the time " 6121270103 " , gross area 5303 hectare, aggregate 53 square kilometer.

The reporter amounts to base of county of company big Li to interview discovery in the person, a lot of desolate sands ground connect sod to be done not have, there just are forest land and part to be able to cultivate frumentaceous farmland around company office building. The person amounts to a company to manage these land, from Shan Nashan the area summonned many farmers, cultivate land subcontract to them. A farmer that comes from Shang Luo tells a reporter, the plot that he contracts is planted earthnut is pretty good, every mus of ground amounts to a company every year to hand in 50 yuan to contract to the person cost.

Worker of forestry center of center of sand of big Li county and circumjacent villager introduce, these land are sandy wasteland ground for the most part, look from management angle without what value. The hire that the person amounts to a company to contract every mus annual just 10 - 20 yuan, 50 years operating period hire does not cross 1000 yuan every mus.
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