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Secondhand the room trades superintend occurrence breakthrough to need not pay o

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Secondhand the room trades brew major change, capital is superintended will guide secondhand the room trades mode and bridal chamber trade mode conforms. Yesterday, disclose to the reporter about the personage inside course of study, from this week at the beginning, 9 banks that begin professional work in Shanghai and 9 intermediary company will be entered " secondhand the room trades capital is superintended " new round pilot, new round try capital of name a person for a particular job to superintend from " of loan link superintend " expand " of wholy-owned gold superintend " .

More important is, the bank that participates in capital to superintend has reached consensus, what trade inside the system is secondhand it is OK that the room does not need to pay off loan change the name of owner in a register, clear away thereby secondhand the room trades capital superintends it is the mainest to be rolled out in the round obstacle on road.

Secondhand house fund superintends Chu Lou configuration

"If all banks are participated in secondhand in house financing superintendency system, that we all secondhand the room trades to be able to be dealt with inside the system. " industry of the house property on Shanghai discloses to the reporter about the personage, last week 5, trade in management board of natural resources of Shanghai building land, house property of the center call together below, 9 banks of Shanghai and 9 intermediary attended a meeting. This week at the beginning, each just can enter new system the operation is secondhand the room trades wholy-owned gold is superintended, thereby secondhand house fund is superintended expand from loan part trading whole process. From eye antecedent condition looks, participate in new round of pilot intermediary enterprise includes 21 centuries market of estate of far real estate of course of study of house property of real estate of praedial, Han Yu, faith, all-round victory buy, annals, Pudong, judge couplet (Shanghai) the 9 intermediary enterprise such as investment advisory limited company, and bank respect has bank of commercial bank of Bank of China, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, Shanghai bank, transportation bank, country, the people's livelihood, Guang Dayin travel, medium 9 commercial banks such as letter bank participate in try out.

In Chu Lou configuration secondhand the room trades in financing superintendency system, shanghai estate trades the center is responsible and secondhand room change the name of owner in a register; Management board of natural resources of Shanghai building land and Shanghai estate trade the Shanghai estate that the center establishs trades fund management limited company will be harmonious bank, intermediary and secondhand room the relation between buyers and sellers; The bank will be in charge of transfer of capital safety, money; Intermediary will be in charge of gathering synthesis is handed in, the business such as conduction formalities. Synthesis of the harmonious business that is in charge of in the round by intermediary company so, capital superintendency business, gather is handed in will go to Shanghai dispersedly estate trades cooperation completes the side of professional orgnaization tripartite such as fund management limited company, bank, intermediary.
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