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Building city dies " of dish of overnight " policy inflection point outside be r

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The stock market dies dish! Building city blindly follow sb, hope without the person this terrible ending appears.

Before a week, each district saves city main official to assemble in Beijing suddenly, a special meeting was held in the center of, emphasize preventing Fan Jinrong risk, be aimed at conception of stable estate market first.

This central conference content is unscrambled generally to be by the market: The United States second borrow big setting of the crisis and Vietnam economy crisis to fall, by force of domestic building city a dangerous situation is about to cause financial venture, only then go straight towards the fixed investment overheat such as estate continuously from 2004 this from tight macroscopical adjusting control, probable wind direction has change.

Although manage a layer to be on one's intention revealed in saying to policy from still be in closely up to now emphasize oneness, this week appeared to deviate from however on the action: The Ling Yousong outside be restricted moves sign, department of Commerce prepares what foreign trader of transfer to a lower level invests outback real-estate project directly to put on record authority; Fang Daisong uses case of occurrence follow the lead of, loan of protocol of management center of Beijing housing accumulation fund is new politics, be about to reduce head pay proportion.

   Psychology anticipates more terrible

Whats are rise in price, alone house is exceptional.

The reporter visited understanding to arrive recently, be thought to stand fast finally all along the capital floor city of the region is being entered at a stride " 8 break a period " .

On June 18, the reporter sees in boil city selling office, the visitor inside the hall of bright and clean is rare, lump-sum payment makes the 8 ad that change language is marked all the more. And since open quotation of the beginning of the year, every make the same score rice 10200 yuan all price never has appeared to rise.

"The flower was ordered 1.1 million yuan Feburary left a room, in an instant with respect to the loss 200 thousand. " Li Ai (sound) the lady faces a reporter in selling office doorway quite helpless, this already was she comes the 4th times bargaining, subscription of hope go back.

In fact, capital floor city is hit fold wind situation if wave.

At present house part lump-sum payment can hit new wall of strong bless clear river new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) divide second sex to pay can hit 8 fold; Ocean one party rolls out special offer room 8.5 fold; The Hawaiian north bank that is located in Yan Jiao rolled out old client to buy a room to be able to be enjoyed again even 7.5 lose privilege.

Statistic shows, half an year comes, the capital is hit break sales promotion floor dish already about a hundred, a month will 40 many projects make She Liang appearance.
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