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A cycle of songs in a traditional opera of development of severe king controllin

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The reporter learns from province land hall yesterday, mix by ministry of land natural resources the country is industrial and commercial the contract of sell one's own things of new edition land that total bureau makes will be enabled formally since July 1, new edition contract will make clear time of the start working of plot of conventional sell one's own things, complete not only, set at the same time, with the land that develops at commodity house, time of in principle development is the longest must not exceed 3 years. This is meant, land branch will be unlikely henceforth to give get out of the way to send cycle again long, area gold of big, sell one's own things is high " ground king " . In the meantime, volume ratio is restricted tall again low, residential a cycle of songs in a traditional opera writes contract of sell one's own things of be buried ground. Land department public figure expresses, contract of sell one's own things of new edition land is the country strengthens land market control and estate market the another significant move of macroscopical adjusting control, reflected intensive adequately managing with the ground and the adjusting control purpose that optimize building city to supply a structure.

   Not on schedule start working complete should reach penalty due to breach of contract

The reporter saw the demonstrative text version of new edition contract yesterday, among them the agreement that the 16th is time of pair of construction project start working and complete time, be like,set development business cannot on schedule start working, should shift to an earlier date 30 days to put forward to delay to land branch propose application, build via agreeing to delay, project complete time is OK and corresponding postpone, dan Yanjian deadline also must not exceed a year. In the meantime, the contract returns a regulation, if development company fails to agree according to the contract day or agree to delay those who build construction of date start working, and not on schedule of complete, all must be calculated by day and to penalty due to breach of contract of land branch delivery. In addition, unused land of a year of pay is unused cost, full two years not free of start working land calls in, these content also wrote a contract.

In service instruction of new edition contract, run from opposite directions date of completion had clearer explanation, the land of sell one's own things is used at commodity house project to build, in principle develops time (start working arrives complete) the longest must not exceed 3 years.

Influence: Open complete time and penalty due to breach of contract clearly, can control development rhythm, prevent land unused, achieve thereby make sure market goods house is supplied in order, the adjusting control purpose of stable price.

In the meantime, commodity house development did not exceed 3 years to undertake limitative to dimensions of land sell one's own things, was in last year what pat a face to accumulate hundred thousands of square metre again and again without and other places of stannum, Chongqing is Nanjing, gigantic " ground king " , among them Changsha " ground king " gross area achieves 785 thousand square metre, total prices is as high as 9.2 billion yuan. "Ground king " frequency spun not only now development cycle, caused appearance of store up ground, and can center because of the height of the land inside some area, cause the forestall sex of price of this region house. More what is more,the rather that, "Ground king " what often can create auction spot is excessive contend for grab, make price is not rational drive up. Last year second half of the year, nanjing city has taken the lead in be aimed at " ground king " the phenomenon improves work of land sell one's own things, in principle of dimensions of land sell one's own things control is in 100-200 or so mus, development cycle demarcate is controlled in 3 years, had certain effect to stabilizing land market.
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